Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Dustbunnies are dusty!

My most dreaded chore! Dusting. I put it off and put it off till it can't be put off anymore. I'd rather wash 13 sinks full of dishes and wash 10 loads of laundry than dust. I don't even have a lot of nick-knack type stuff in my home because I hate dusting so much. I guess it's time to do some fall cleaning around here. The thing is...if I don't have my glasses on I can't even see the dust. But darn it, everyone else can. How about if I hand anyone that comes in here a pair of rose colored glasses to wear to hide the dust? Hmmmm.....

I recently joined a website called Wardrobe Refashion. Wardrobe Refashion Only problem is that I have to get on to post on it thru a thing called typepad and I'm having trouble with that. I'll have to keep working on it I guess. Anyhow Wardrobe refashion is a neat site where people refashion clothes out of whatever they can come up with. People on there have come up with all sorts of ingenious creations! I've got several ideas of things I want to make and hopefully I'll get to it soon.

It's been pretty quiet and peaceful here except for the crows that keep trying to steal the cat's food. This is a stray cat so it's fed outside. It's up on a railing to keep neighborhood dogs out. But now the crows are after it. They screech and squawk and fight over it. Dang birds. I know they are just hungry but can't they go eat someone else's pets food? Jeeze. :)

Y'all have a nice day now. Blessings.

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