Sunday, October 14, 2007

What's In A Name?

Yesterday I could not think of one dang thing to write about. But this morning while in bed I had so many things going thru my was like an explosion waiting to happen. One thing I've been thinking about is Names. The Names we give our children at birth can determine who they are and what they become. I was thinking of some of the freakishly oddball names that some people give their kids. I read not that long ago about a girl named Clitora? Doesn't that sound too close to a woman's sexual part? Jeeze. I once knew someone who named their daughter Allegra. To me that sounds like a science experiement gone bad and that was before the drug by that name came out. Then there were the 60's...the hippie revolution and we have names like Moonshine, Star, Rain etc. I don't think that those names are bad at all compared to some of the names today. Who wants to go thru life named Apple? (like Gwenneth Paltrows daughter) How whacked is that? Now there are some names that fit the description of what a person does for a living. In NM there was a dentist...I'd see his ad on tv and his name was DR. Ken Hurt. I kid you not. Do you get it? Dr can hurt? Would you go to a dentist with that name? There is a weather guy here and his name is Larry Sprinkle. How appropriate and perfect huh? Check out this list Really what are parents thinking when they name their kids names that are so horrible? Lets face it, other kids can be downright cruel. It's hard enough for a kid to make it thru life without being stuck with a name that other kids are going to make fun of or a name that will single them out. I truly believe that this can affect a kid's attitude and how they view life. The kid may pretend it does not bother him but lets be realistic. It does. When I named my kids I tried to not give them fad type names. Look at the names of long ago? How many Berthas, Eggberts, Agathas and Hermans do you see now? Names of the times. My girls all have K names....Kelly(I'm Irish and liked it), Kristene(classic yet spelled a little different) Kayla (not popular when I named her but is now) and my son Alexander ( strong, leader type name) I don't think my kids would have appreciated being named Henrietta, Mabel, Gertrude and Albert. haha. I think parent's name their kids odd names just because they can. I mean...who's going to stop them? They don't care if little Bubba Bumstead is going to be taunted. Why couldn't they just have name him Johnny??? Poor kid.

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