Monday, November 12, 2007

Crochet slippers. I always have cold feet and I hate to wear shoes! I found a pattern online for these slippers and made myself the green pair with some leftover yarn. Then my son wanted a pair so I hunted up some more leftover yarn and made him the maroon ones. They are so easy...they take less than two hours per pair...and even that is while I'm doing other stuff around the house.

Here's the link to the slippers New Page 1 I made my sons a bit smaller by using one size smaller crochet hook. They are nice and warm.

Something else I've been wanting to make are bed buddies. Rice filled heating pads that you can use for aches and pains or better heat them up and then put them in your bed and they warm your feet up. I've had these in the past and they are great. Here's a link:Make Your Own Microwave Heating Pad »

Something I did this weekend was dye my son's backpack. He had a cloth backpack that was a medium green color (think Army green) and his markers leaked thru the bag. I got some dark brown dye and it looks great now. I took a before pic but still need to get an after pic whenever my son brings the backpack back home. It looks so much better.

Here's a fun link if you are a crocheter:Annie's Attic - Keep Warm Teddy Set There is a different free pattern on here every day. If you want the pattern for the day you have to print it out that day, otherwise it will be gone the next day.

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