Sunday, November 18, 2007

Online Crap

Awhile back I met a woman who emailed me after saying she saw a post that I had written on a message board. Since she seemed nice, we emailed back and forth a bit with plans in the future to meet since we really don't live that far from each other. As things progressed I begin the get the feeling that things were a bit *off* with her. I'm not sure what it was, it was hard to put my finger on exactly. Well, recently I got an email that I believe she accidentally sent me. It seems as if she sent it to certain members of her little group, which I am not a part of. The email was addressed to 1 woman and that was not me. It was full of crazy psychobabble that made no sense. One of those...the world is out to get me...everyone is after me...crap like that. She said the police would be involved as well as the FBI and other organizations. The FBI gets involved in message board activity? Well that's a new one on me. I did a little investigating and a bit of emailing to someone who was mentioned in the email and I also went to the mentioned message boards and read what I could on there. Well all I can say is that I am glad that I did not meet with this woman in person. She is missing a few marbles if you know what I mean. From what I've heard she has threatened people and is making their lives miserable. Well, you never know what drama you are going to find online even when you're not looking for it. Usually I'm a pretty judge of character but she had me fooled. I'll definitely be praying for this woman.

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  1. Just keep all the emails from her...just in case she's not done with you. Or you can pelt her with brussel sprouts!