Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This is a celestial sun cross-stitch that I completed awhile back. It's done on very fine plastic canvas. Last night I cut it out, put felt backing on it and bent the wire to the right shape. There are two more in the set that I have to complete still- a dragonfly and a butterfly. They are fun to do but hard because the holes are so small.

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Crazy bus driver. Both of our sons ride the same bus. The bus picks up at 3 schools; middle school, junior high and high school. Anyhow I get a call yesterday from Russell's son that they are going to be late. Well what happened was the bus driver almost had the kids home and she did a hit and run. She hit a car door of a passing vehicle and she kept on going. She went back to the school and said she was quitting because the kids were too noisy and didn't listen. This same bus driver some time back knocked down a mail box and kept going also. They got another driver to bring the kids home and they did not get home till after 5. On the way home they saw that same car she hit on the side of the road with cops there. This woman is in big trouble. Jeeze. I think she quit before they could fire her.

Please pray for this little 11 yr. old boy in NC who was attacked along with his grandmother.Boy stabbed during attack on grandmother Local News News for Charlotte, North Carolina WCNC.com Top Stories I heard on the news he was fighting for his Grandma who died after the attack.

A miracle... The story of a couple whose 3 children (2 girls and a boy) died when a semi driver did not brake in time and crashed into the back seat of their mini van. Mom and Grandma in the front both survived. The Mom later had in-vitro and was implanted with 3 embryos. There was a 10% chance of any of them implanting. Well now she's pregnant with (2 girls and a boy!) God is amazing!

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