Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thoughts for tonight

My printer is possessed. I was just writing an email and it kept trying to print it. I pressed cancel and it proceeded to try to print it again. I turned the printer off and it turned itself back on and continued to try to print about 5 more times even after I took the paper out.

My son's computer constantly turns itself itself. I guess it has a mind of it's own. One night I turned it off and it turned itself back on twice.

The tv has turned itself on a couple of times, as well as the kitchen faucet one time. At least it was the cold water and not the hot so it did not waste too much energy. Now If I could just teach the dishes in the sink to be self washing, I'd be all set.

Numerous times, I've heard a loud bang in the kitchen that sounds like pots and pans falling and when I went to look, I'd see nothing. Now I just ignore it.

Many times I have felt someone touch the back of my neck, call my name or give me a message. Someone that most people can't see. Only someone who is a true believer will understand this......


  1. You have a little friend!!! How sweet!

    Your description of neck touches, etc. reminds me of a Korean movie that we first saw trailers for when we lived in Singapore. I don't remember what it was called here, but had a creepy little kid with huge eyes peering out of closets. My girls were so creeped out,they would open their eyes for the trailer!

  2. AWww poor kids. My kids don't get scared anymore because they (my youngest 2) are very much intune with...well lets just call it the Other Side.