Friday, December 7, 2007


The other day I was disappointed because I fell back asleep in the morning and missed Johnny Depp singing on the morning news show. I looked it up on youtube and found this. I wouldn't call it great singing but whatever this man does....I don't know what it is about him...he's just got it....enough said.


  1. Girl... you've got it bad!!

    Liked the clip, but don't know if I will see the movie.

    Come on over to my blog and have some cookies!

  2. *shudder* There's no WAY I'm going to watch this movie. That's like one of the WORST ways I can think of to die. I just can't even stand to imagine..... That's why I've only ever seen "Braveheart" once, because of how they killed William Wallace's bride on that movie.

    But, yeah.... Johnny Depp certainly does have a certain charisma about him that allows him to play incredible part even without certain necessary talents such as singing ability. My favorite Johnny Depp movie will ALWAYS be "Edward Scissorhands".