Thursday, December 20, 2007

It does not feel like it's almost Christmas. I still don't have much of a Christmas spirit even though I'm trying. I'm going to start making the Christmas cookies this weekend. I'll let the big kid have some too if he's good. Anyhow what I've decided to make is some almond flavored biscotti, peanut butter chocolate kiss cookies, buckeyes and maybe some rolled Christmas cookies (but not sure about this one yet). Maybe I'll make a pumpkin pie also. I hate pumpkin pie but everyone else loves it so I'll probably make it.

I woke up last night with weird pains in my back. It felt like this electric shock thing that started in my spine and went down my right leg. It was real painful! Russell said it sounded like a pinched nerve and he tried to adjust my back. No thanks honey, you are no chiropractor and I don't want to end up a cripple for life. ;) Then he told me to get up and walk around and I did try but felt like my right leg was going to collapse. This morning it was fine. I don't know if I was sleeping weird or not that caused it but It does not hurt a bit anymore.

Last nights dinner: Sweet and Sour Chicken, one of Russell's favorites. Served over rice. Yummy. CelticAngel1111 - Sweet And Sour Chicken


  1. PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE KISS COOKIES! My all time favorite!! I like those even better that the chocolate chip with covered ants ones!

    As for your butt pain (oops! I mean leg pain) it sounds like sciatica like I get. If so, it is a pinched or irritated nerve that sends shooting pain down one leg. Sometimes rest will fix it, other times it has been so bad I can't lift my leg or put on my socks! Then a shot of steroids right to the nerve helps immensely!

    But really, who cares about your pain or grouchy mood! Sent out the cookies!! :P

  2. I don't think I need a steroid shot. But I will tell everyone here that Dr. Lisa said I need LOTS OF REST.

    You should get the cookies soon!

  3. Lots of rest and coddling! The need to bring you things, fend for themselves and leave the house cleaner than when you fell *ill.*

    That's my prescription! It usually contains chocolate too, but I know you don't want that!

  4. Yummy, that all sounds and looks great. I ate like a pig today at lunch and now I feel soooooooo sick.

  5. Awwww poor Rick! By the way I've been enjoying your blog even though you won't give up your secret fishing spot.