Monday, December 17, 2007

Wacky Weather
In less than one week we went from 80 degree weather for the high down to the 50's. This morning when the kiddos when to the bus stop it was 22 degrees. I think tomorrow morning I'm going to warm up my car and drive down the driveway and let them sit in it if they want to.
Thrift Store Shopping
I had long ago given up thrift store shopping. I tried a few times while I lived in NM and never seemed to find anything good. Well last night we were out and passed the Good Will and stopped in there. I really didn't expect to find anything. Alex needed something dressy to wear to a Christmas party that's coming up and I know he would not wear it again. (he told me he does not like dress clothes!) Anyhow I did find him some khaki colored Izod dress pants that you could tell were brand new and also a blue dress shirt that looked brand new for a grand total of $5.25. You can't beat that for something a kid is only going to wear once. This is a new Good Will and I'm surprised that they actually had some pretty decent stuff and I'll probably go back there if I'm going to Aldi where I grocery shop since Good Will is on the way.

The $62 Piece of fish!
Last week Russell brought home a piece of salmon that someone at work gave him- this is the item right here--> Whole Side of Smoked Salmon He brought some home last year also. Anyhow this is smoked salmon but it has a real raw taste to it. I used to get smoked salmon all the time from Sam's club and it tasted so much better. So what I did was stick it in the oven with some teriyaki orange sauce for about 30 minutes. It did come out tasting pretty decent and about 1/2 of it got eaten. We munched on some of it cold also but let me tell you....the stray cat I feed ate like a queen for 3 days in a row! I would not spend that kind of money myself on one piece of salmon,(even though I love salmon) but it was free so I didn't want to let it go to waste. For that price I could have bought 5 large whole sides of fresh salmon at Sams and it would have been much more yummy.

Sunday Stuff
Yesterday Russell and I stayed in bed until 1 pm. I know....lazy, lazy. We watched this really cute Christmas movie on tv called Blizzard. It was about a little girl and a reindeer named Blizzard. It was one of the cutest Christmas movies I've ever seen and if you have not seen it, I highly recommend it as a good family movie. Then we ended up going to Toys R Us and doing some shopping (my son picked out a new bike for Christmas) and went to a couple other places as well.

Happy Monday!

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