Saturday, December 8, 2007

What To Write About???

I asked Russell.....What do you think I should write about in my blog today? He said write about the ham dinner you cooked. Ummmm........ok. That's real interesting. So here goes....I cooked a ham dinner with yummy sauce in which some of the ingredients were pineapples, pineapple juice and orange juice. I also served mashed potatoes, fresh cooked carrots and green beans. Russell and his son ate like savages fighting for the last scrap of food on earth ;) and I ate normal portions. My son said he was not hungry since he and I are the only ones who get up early and I made him french toast this morning. So now at 3 pm he just ate the plate I saved for him. (well he didn't actually eat the plate) The ham is pretty much gone. Yup, a whole entire ham, the majority of it eaten by Russell and his son. Well I'm glad they like my cooking anyhow.
Ok honey I took your advice and wrote about the ham dinnner.

More Russell stuff:
He's going to kill me for this one but oh well.
The other night he was saying how I'm a complicated woman. So he says...He thinks women should be simple minded. I know he didn't mean for it to come out the way it sounded and he was trying to say he wanted me to be less complicated.....but the way it came out was just so hillarious!!!! So does he not want me to have a mind? OMG I'm still laughing about this. Poor guy...he says he's not good with words but this just takes the cake. I won't say what comes to mind when I think of the words simple-minded cause it may be offensive to some....I won't even go there.

Even more Russell stuff:
Just before he left today to go deliver some freight I was talking to him about my exercising. Well he says I got an idea. Just dance. I said by myself? He says yeah...just get up and dance. Then he proceeds to demonstrate. He shows me all these really funky moves....gyrating here, rotating the pelvis type moves, lifting a leg that looks like he's peeing on a fire hydrant.....looking remotely like he's having a convulsion or at least some sort of a yeah honey I'll do that type of exercise today. For sure. ::::wink:::: :::::wink::::

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  1. ROFL Your hubby sounds like a hoot. I can just imagine this rhythm-impaired guy doing the sort of weird dork-danceing that you mention. *grin* My hubby just stands there, looking menacingly-body-guardish when faced with dancing. He doesn't even bother to try. At least your hubby tries to have fun with it, even if he's not a good dancer. *smile*