Friday, January 11, 2008

Hocus Pocus?

That is what some people consider Astrology to be. I've read some pretty good books about it and I do seem to fit the *Scorpio* profile. However there are a lot of fakes out there as well. I get daily Horoscope stuff in my email and every once in awhile I'll click on it just for fun. Today I clicked on one that said they would tell me what my past lives were. Hmmmmm....ok. If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know I do believe in past lives. Anyhow I clicked on this one that was supposed to give me a *sample* free reading of these lives. But...for $19.95 I could get the full length version!!!Wow!! What a steal huh? hahahaha...anyhow once I got my free reading I saw that it was an Edgar Cayce reading. Never mind that he died in 1945....he can still do readings. I didn't like that they were using Edgar Cayce's name on this because I'm very familiar with his work...have read many of his books and know that while he was a doctor...he was a great healer who worked in a very different way. Anyhow this is my reading and I left off the personal details:

Free Sample Ry Redd's Edgar Cayce Past Life Reading for Barbara
Your Sample Reading:

(This reading contains excerpts from your full-length version. To get the most from this reading, Chapter 1: The SunYour Sun is in Scorpio (Tropical zodiac). At times you may be considered by others as somewhat different, although on your own part, when those of comparable mental ability are part of your experience, you are known as a soul with nobleness of purpose and high-mindedness of principles. Long ago you may have been part of the once mighty Mongolian people of the ancient Gobi desert, or among the culturally advanced Chinese. From such lifetimes as these, you have the ability to perform what is expected of you and to do what is necessary without being held back by your feelings or by considerations of a personal nature. This is a strength you inherited from one or more past lives in these remote Asian cultures, whose people shared this self-denying trait. Perhaps you were once a young Chinese woman who gave birth to many children, ran a large household and pleased the master of the house. You may have done all this while quietly enduring the agony of brutally bound feet which was once a rather cultural requirement of the true ladies of ancient China.
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Now you all know that I was once a Chinese woman with many children, suffered with the agony of bound feet and pleased my MASTER!!!

Just for the heck of it, I decided to check my daily horoscope which seemed to be right on for today:

Your horoscope for Friday, Jan 11, 2008
(Oct 23 - Nov 21)
If you have been unsure of your feelings, today is a good day for a reality check. Face the facts and let go of unrealistic ideas. Unfortunately, this could pose problems, for you can justify almost anything you want. Your emotions -- not your rational thoughts -- are in charge for a few days. Meditation and relaxation techniques can prevent impulsive behavior from getting you into trouble.

Weird stuff on the computer....I just heard a voice saying to me....Helloooooo.....Helloooooo! Am I going crazy or what? turned out to be an ad with these smiley faces on it and one of them talked. OK....weird huh?

Check this link out....You many never want to sleep in a hotel again:Don't Ever Drink From Hotel Glasses Video This is nasty!!!!! I can't believe they did this crap.

*****I just had to edit that reading cause it had links on it with all my personal infor. Jeeze.

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  1. if you send me 500.00 I will tell you where you will be in 10 years. lol sounds like a fake to me. They speak in general terms and play the odds and you know what, you have no way to verify it so who knows. They are fun to read though.