Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hey From Oklahoma

We left South Carolina at 9 am this past Saturday. We arrived in (small town) Oklahoma (where Russell's parents live) around 12:30 on Sunday. The trip was a long one. We did stop for a couple of hours to sleep. Russell drove his truck and pulled his boat and I drove his car. My van was already here since I drove to OK and then flew to SC. His son's vehicle was here as well since we left it here on the first trip. As we were driving I noticed that pieces of what looked like rubber were coming out from under the boat trailer. I thought maybe he was running over something and it was flinging back. But when a piece hit my windshield I called him and told him he better stop. The tires on the boat trailer were old and were falling apart. We stopped in a small town and he ended up having to buy four new tires. They threw in a spare for free. Then Saturday night his bank card started messing up and would not work. He needed it to pay for gas. When he finally got a hold of a *live* person instead of a recording at 8 in the morning, they said there were suspicious activities on his card so they put a hold on it. Hmmmm......they did straighten it out though.
Anyhow, we rented the house the first day we got here. Houses are really cheap here. We got one for $350 a month. Lets just say you get what you pay for. We are only in here temporarily until we can buy a house with some land and having such a cheap place is a good way to save up money. We both have to laugh about all the weird problems with the house. There are very few outlets to plug things in and we have to run extension cords all over the place. There was only half a doorknob on our room and none at all on his sons room. He bought some new ones. There is no outlet at all in the bathroom! Can you tell this is an old house? The washer and dryer are in the kitchen and there is no exhaust fan over the gas stove. Very strange...the list just goes on and on but we won't be here long so it does not matter. They rented this place to us when we'd only been here a few hours and neither of us had jobs. No credit check. I guess money talks when you pay 3 months ahead on your rent.
Right now Russell is working. Now that we are pretty much settled in here I'm looking for a job.
This city has a lot more in it than I'd remembered from last time I was here. Lots of stores and businesses and a neat downtown area. You can pretty much get whatever you need here without going into Oklahoma City. I noticed that there is a gym right down the road that I'm going to check out. There's also a library not far from here also. There are lots of fast food places as well.
Right now I'm signed onto the Internet through this thing that Russell has for his laptop. It's not one of those wireless connection things where you connect to someone elses signal. It's some type of thing you plug into your computer from Sprint and it actually has it's own number. It works really good and we don't have to pay any extra for high speed.
Well that's about it for now. I'm going to shower and go out looking for jobs.

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  1. Yeah! You made it finally! I so glad you were able to get a house so soon. I figured you'd be living with Russell's parents for a while.Be care full with all of those electrical cords. Old houses don't have the capacity to run everything we are used to all at once!

    Glad you are settled. Good luck on the job hunt too!