Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today's Adventures

First I went to the YMCA. I got there at 7:20 am (it's only about 5 mins from here) only to find that on Saturdays they opened at 8 am and not 5 am like on the weekdays. So....I went to get gas ($50 for 3/4 of a tank!!!!!) and stopped back home for a bit then went back again. I did the treadmill, recumbent bike and elipitical trainer. I did 15 mins each on the first two but only lasted about 7 mins on the last one. Then I went to the weight machines and did a lower body workout. I did not do that many things because I'm not sure if I'm using them right or not. I need to go sometime after 5 pm when the guys that work there are there so they can show me the stuff. That's what the woman at the front desk told me anyhow. I would say things went pretty well with my workout for my first time there. I do need to get some headphones so I can watch tv in the cardio room and I need to bring a water bottle next time.

Russell was working today and I was bored so I went driving around for awhile. I checked out the Goodwill store but didn't see anything I wanted to buy in there. Next to Goodwill I saw a nail salon. Since getting nails done here is only $20 (half the price of SC) I decided to go get a full set of nails. Well that was quite an adventure. First of all the guy (or should I say kid) doing my nails looked to be about 12. Ok so he's Asian and they look young but seriously he did not look older than 16. He just glued on the nail tips. A woman next to him who was doing nails also kept watching to see how he was doing and talking to him in another language. (Korean?) He was not very sure of himself at all in what he was doing. Then the woman took over for him since she finished with her client. Thank God! She ended up ripping off 4 of the tips that he put on (ouch!!!!) cause I assume he did not do them right or put the right size on. This woman was much better at her job. My nails came out looking awesome. Then I noticed they did facial waxing so I decided to get my eyebrows (ripped off!) I mean waxed. They came out great too. I'll go back there again but not to that kid, no way, no how.

Then I got home around 2 pm. Russell came home around 2:30 and we started to watch this movie called Jumper and only got to watch about a half hour of it and he got called back in to work. He may have to work late into the night and much of it will just be waiting. That's the way his work is. But he does get a lot of time off and still gets paid for it. So anyhow I turned the movie off and we will try to watch it tomorrow. I have to go to work tonight from 4:30 to 11:00 pm.

That's it for now. I'm just gonna relax until it's time to go to work. :)


  1. I'm glad that you're doing workouts at the gym. It's so important, since it keeps your metabolism revved up and helps maintain a positive energy level.

    Yeah... my last fillup cost me $57.75. Thanks a lot, BUSH!

  2. Sounds like and ... interesting? weekend. Hope you have a good week!