Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Next time you go shopping.......

and you are in line at the cash register:

don't complain to the cashier about the high cost of groceries and everything else...they are not to blame.

don't let your 10 year old child spin around the bag carousel while the cashier is trying to put the groceries in it.'s hard trying to hold on to it, ring up the items and bag them all at the same time (this happens quite often)

don't complain to the cashier that there are not enough cashiers....they have nothing to do with the schedule....instead complain to the store manager.

don't expect the cashier to know the price of everything in the store....if something does not have a price on it for some reason.....try to have patience while we find out the price

have your money ready....don't take 10 minutes trying to find the exact change...or run out to the car to get your wallet...or call the bank to find out why your credit card is declined....especially where there is a very long line behind you.

don't get mad (and make evil faces) if the person in front of you does this

please leave your very large items such as 24 packs of water or soda, giant tubs of pool chemicals, enormous bags of potting soil or 5 gallon cans of paint in the shopping cart and ask the cashier to come around and ring it up with their portable scanner's very difficult to lift these over a moving belt, over the scanner and then try to find someplace to put them.

Don't get upset if we do not have enough money in the drawer to cash your $900 paycheck. We may have just opened the register and only start out with $200. So please ask before you get in the line.

If you want your items packed a certain way just say so. I'm more than willing to pack them your way.....just realize, people like them packed them in different ways and we are not mind readers.

When you let your child drink part of a 20 oz bottle of soda and they don't put the cap back on all the way...and then you put it on the belt and it gets shaken up...don't be too surprised when it explodes all over your shirt when you pick it up.

don't get angry at the cashier when your card or check is declined because you don't have enough funds in your account. There is nothing we can do about this.

If your child spills a drink all over the floor in front of the register, please tell us so we can clean it up and the next person in line does not trip on it. Any money used for accidents comes out of the profits of the store employees.

Don't ask if you can take a bunch of extra plastic bags. I think they cost something like 3 cents each and those too come out of our profit check.

Try to understand that people that work in certain departments are not necessarily *experts*. For instance...a cashier working in the Garden center probably does not know what belt you need for your lawnmower just by you describing it to her/him.

Don't go to the deli and buy some popcorn chicken...then eat it while you are shopping and then stuff the empty container in with the candy because you don't feel like paying for it. The same can be said for drinking drinks and snacks. Empty containers are found all over the store that are not paid for. Stolen items once again come out of the employees profit checks.

When all 6 bags on the bag carousel are full, please remove those bags and put them in your cart. Don't just stand there and chat on your cell phone while the cashier scrambles to find someplace to put all your stuff.

These are my thoughts for today and this is all stuff that has happened to me. It's all about having manners and treating people the way you yourself would like to be treated.



  1. The people who do things like that need to come over here. They'll learn a sharp lesson. The cashiers don't pack for us over here. All they do is ring up the items. Also, there is no drinking or eating allowed in the store. Most of them have cafes, but you aren't allowed to drink or eat anywhere inside the store other than in those cafes (although, baby's and todllers are allowed bottles and sippy cups, but that's it). Mind you that doesn't stop the attitude problems completely. I was just thinking it might show them some of the hard work the cashiers have to do sometimes and show them that you can't get away with not paying for stuff.

  2. Thanks for the timely tips! Now, Sweetie, breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Repeat!

    People (meaning me) do these things because we don't know any better, what with being brought up in a barn and/or are too stupid to care one way or the other!

  3. Indigo Incarnates

    I worked in a drug store when I was in high school. I can so totally relate to just about everything on that list.

    Another one to add is "please don't go shopping while drunk or on drugs". We had to clean up vomit and/or other unpleasant body fluids a few times because a customer came in while intoxicated. (I just hope they didn't DRIVE to the store like that!)

  4. Hey barb,yes very true people have to understand that the sevice front end employees do isn`t always something they want to do,its`s coommen coutesy to treat all people with respect no mater what occupation/job they are doing.btw give me a shout soon to catch up!

  5. Indigo....a little kid threw up on the floor near my register a couple of weeks ago. If something like a drink spilled I'd clean it up, no problem. It took maintenance about 15 mins to come and clean this. If I was this kids parent, I would have cleaned it myself, not just left it there.

  6. Hey Ty, I was thinking about you the other day and tried to send you an email. However it came back through that silly mailer deamon thing. I'll try again.

  7. Lisa, If I breath any deeper I'll be hyperventilating. ;)

  8. Not allowing eating or drinking in the store is a good idea Tori. Why some people can't leave the house without having to eat or drink something is something I don't understand.

  9. I don't understand it either. There are plenty of cafes and resteraunts around they could pop in to if they were hungry. That's what has to happen over here and, personally, I think it should happen everywhere.

  10. I hear ya girl! I work in retail...I refuse to wait on someone if they are talking on their cell phone when they come up to the register...I am VERY busy...I set their stuff aside and say.."I will wait on you when you are done yacking!" We also have a policy "the customer is always always WRONG!" My boss has thrown people out of the store, I have not yet. I bend over backwards for my customers...but if they are rude or stupid...I let them know!

  11. *grin* I could say some of the same things about the folks coming through my check-out line at the library. Very aggrivating, the complete lack of common sense that so many of these folks display.

    Have a FABULOUS week, Barb!