Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mr Fix It The washing machine was not working right. I didn't even notice it but Russell said that only one part of the agitator thing was working. He does most of the laundry so I didn't notice it. Anyhow one night I'd fallen asleep on the sofa and when I woke up, he said he'd fixed it. How did he fix it?? He said he used a bottle cap and a rag. Don't ask me how or what he did cause he does some pretty weird stuff. This washing machine only cost $ came with the $90 dryer that we bought when we moved in here. So now...the washing machine will last a bit longer. Then he fixed the antenna on my van. A couple of years ago, somebody ripped off the antenna when I was at work in SC. I never bothered to get it fixed because I figured it would be expensive. Well the other day I came home and he was sitting on the front porch and he had this antenna that he was fixing to put in my van. He had to grind the bottom off cause it was not the right size. Me made it fit though and put some kind of weld stuff to hold it in and it's in there real tight. He told me to get in my van and try it...and I really didn't think it would work but guess what? It works perfect. Russell is always picking up junk on the road...he's Mr. Packrat but this time it paid off. I thought it was pretty neat that he fixed it and I can listen to music again. Our water here tastes really bad so we have one of those Pur water filters for the faucet. Did you know that you can make those filters last longer if you take them out and bang the crap out of them? Yup, brown stuff actually comes out of them. That's what I found Russell doing in the kitchen the other day. He said that's what is Dad does. When the water starts coming out real slow he takes it off and bangs it on the side of the sink and it's good to go. The green light still goes on telling us that it's still filtering the water so until the red light goes on we know it's still working.


  1. I could use someone like that around here... Can I borrow him for a couple of days? LOL! :)

  2. He's a keeper! Can you send him over to my home - I have a few things that need fixing!!!