Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good Morning!

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We've had a slow Internet connection. It took me twice as long as normal to change the stuff on my blog. We have a Sprint Card (which is really meant to hook up to a laptop) as our Internet service. It's a wireless card that works through satellite I believe. When Russell used it in SC it worked really good even if he was on the road. When we first started using it here it worked pretty good but now it keeps getting bogged down and goes really slow loading stuff. There are a few months left to the contract so we are trying to hold off before we get regular Internet here. It bothers Russell more than me because he likes to play his MySpace Mobster game.
Here's a conversation that happened at work the other day. Two guys came up to my register. One is maybe in his late 30's and the other one in his 50's. The 30 guy asks you know anybody for my friend here? He meant a girlfriend. I said...not really, I have not lived here that long. He said how about you? I said I have a boyfriend. Then I tell him that I found him on the Internet and maybe his friend could find one there too. He said his friend could not even turn on a computer, never less a woman. His friend said ohhh I can turn on a woman. (just a note, 50's guy was....well I don't know what he was but he was yucky! can't think of any other word) He starts again and asks if I know anyone. I said...go ask another cashier. hehehe
I have a ton of zucchini.....really big ones that Russell's sister gave him. I'm going to make zucchini bread with some and just grate and freeze the rest for making bread later. Either way...I'm not looking forward to doing all that grating. It's probably about 25 lbs of zucchini!
I've been doing great with coupons! I also discovered CVS extra bucks where you buy certain products and you get extra bucks back on your receipt that you can use next time. I went there twice this week. I got 5 containers of Purex detergent (32 load size), excedrin and Garnier hair dye and other Garnier products. I had $8 worth of manufacturer coupons and after using those and the bucks I got the first time and the ones I got the second time I sure did save a lot. The SALE price of the products would have been $33 and in the end I only spent around $7.95. (this was counting $14 I got back in extra bucks!) Not too bad. Then I went shopping at Walmart last night around midnight and I saved $34 in coupons and another $5.95 with my Walmart discount. I always thought using coupons was a waste of time but it really pays off. We just got a new Walgreens here and I'm going to see if they have any type of a reward program like CVS.
Our water here is really horrible! The Pur Water filter we bought awhile back is not working right. I had to buy bottled water. We use a lot of water for coffee, drinking and cooking and it could get expensive. I think we need one of those under the sink water filters. We are going to look into it.
***** Edited to add The smell of chlorine in the bathroom this morning from the water was so bad that it just about gagged me! To me that says the water is very bad when they have to add so much chlorine!

Well that's about it for now. I've got to work today and tomorrow...but later hours which I like.
Y'all have a peace filled day.


  1. Last weekend my internet connection kept going out, it was very frustrating!

    Thats funny about the two guys! LOL

    Do you have a food processor? They are awesome for grating things like zucchini. I wish I had some to freeze! Our zucchini didn't do much this year. :(

    I LOVE CVS extra care bucks! I don't know if your's have the extra care coupon generator in the stores where you are, but the new one that just opened up near me has one and you swipe your card and coupons come out. It's pretty neat.

    At our old house we had horrible water. The guy that used to live there installed a water softener. We used it for years, but it stopped working and we didn't have the money to fix it. The water was very hard and it turned the tub and toilet yellow, I used to have the hardest time keeping it clean and white. The water smelled horrible! I used to keep gallon jugs of water in the fridge that we would get from my Mama's house that was in our back yard, she had really good water. When we sold the house to my father in law he dug a new well, now the water is so good! I was so excited when we built this house as was able to drink the water from the tap!

  2. Indigo Incarnates

    The theme with purple and butterflies is right up my alley! :)

  3. That zuccini can keep one busy...I ALSO was going to suggest a food processor, you can find them at Good Will or the Habitat for humanity re-stores, I see them in every second hand store dirt cheap! You are the coupon queen aren't you!!!! Take care hon!

  4. Bass Pro Shop has a little bit of everything having to do with the outside, camping stuff, fishing, hunting, boats, ATV's, they have this BIG fish tank in there stocked with fish, they even have a bedding section and a clothes department for men, woman and children, big screen TV where you can play video games, Matt said this one had a NASCAR simulator in it. This one that just opened up here has a candy shop a restaurant and a fudge shop in it and it is two story's. The one in Hampton is only one story. It's like Toys R Us for men. lol