Friday, September 26, 2008

Scammers, Baking disaster and A question for bloggers.

A guy tried to scam me at work. This guy comes to the register and he had this sheet with stickers on it for me to scan. It's like this sheet of paper with a bunch of price stickers on it of things he bought. I'd never rung one up before except for from the meat dept. But then, somebody from the meat dept. would come along with them and actually scan the products themselves with my handheld scanner gun. (This is usually a couple who comes in to buy meat in bulk for a restaurant).
Anyhow....this guy gave me the sheet. I told him I never rang one up before and I asked him if was just supposed to scan each sticker and he said yes. He was obviously buying a bunch of drinks for resale and he did not have them with him so I figured they were out back already in his truck. I scanned each sticker once and it rang up to something like $99. Not long after I went home from my lunch break. When I got back one of the CSM's asked me if I scanned a sheet with stickers on it and I said....yeah, why? He said they stopped the guy at the door (they must have been watching him) because what nobody told me was the each sticker had a little quantity number on the side and so the whole order was actually supposed to be $1400. I guess the guy was trying to make it out before anyone noticed. I talked to 3 other cashiers and not one of them had ever scanned a sheet like that either or knew anything about it. I told them they need to bring this up at the next cashier's meeting which is coming up in a few days and they agreed. It would be nice if we'd been told how to scan these things when we get our training. :(
Baking Disaster
Yesterday I decided to bake some zucchini bread. I got the whole bag of zucchini grated and froze much of it in 2 cup measurements. I saved some out to make bread with.So I figure I'll double up on the recipe. Well I don't know where I went wrong because it was very difficult to stir and the batter was like paste. So I threw in an extra egg and decided to bake it anyhow. I baked it....and baked it....and baked it and it did not seem to cook. After about an hour (and this is for mini bread pans) it looked done but not really brown. The top feels a bit hard. So I take it out of the oven to cool. I went to check them later and notice that they all sunk in and the middles were hollow. Well into the trash they went! I have to laugh about it cause I messed up somewhere and probably added too much flour. Next time I'll stick to a single recipe and make two separate batches.
For anyone who blogs.....when you are replying to comments how do you get your reply for each comment to go under that particular comment? I can never figure this out and my comments are all jumbled up.


  1. I'm glad they caught the guy trying to scam you.

    I never can manage to double a recipe and have it turn out right. Something always seems to go wrong.

    I'm not sure what you mean about the comments.

  2. One year, my mother's boyfriend really got into baking. During a storm, our banana tree fell down, so as the bananas all ripened at the same time, he decided to make banana bread. Being a guy, he figured that he could multiply the ingredient list to accommodate the number of bananas, and bake it as one giant bread, using an enamel turkey roaster.

    The thing cooked for the better part of a day! It was dry on the outside, raw on the inside. He cut the large loaf into little ones, wrapped them, and stuck them in the freezer. He never found out that we used the blocks to prop open doors, but never ever ate any!

    End of story!

  3. Indigo Incarnates

    When I used to sell phones, people would always try to scam me on warranty work. They'd bring in phones that were obviously water damaged or had been obviously been run over or smashed. Or, they'd bring me a phone where the serial number didn't match the account. ::sigh:: Most people are cowards, liars, and thieves.

  4. there is a space that says comments & you just click on that??? Geez, not sure if that's what you mean or not?
    I have had baking disasters liek that too, it's best to mix the batches up seperately...then put in fridge and bake seperately, that's the only way it works for me.
    Kayla is beautiful as is Mercedes...I was unable to comment under that section!

  5. I'm glad they caught the guy who was trying to scam you.

    My baking skills are only "OK" so I've had plenty of baking disasters. LOL!

    No idea how to put your replies under the comments. I thought it couldn't actually be done with Blogger. I thought it was only some of the other blog hosting places.