Friday, October 31, 2008

And Off Come The Shoes

Helloooo Everybody. I worked my not so favorite shift today...the 7 am to 4 pm one. So....can you imagine what it was like this morning trying to get Russell up when I had to get up myself? Well....not to worry cause he had to go into work at 1 am.
Anyhow after work I had to shop.....something else I do not particularly enjoy. Not when Walmart was full of people wandering around looking for non-existent costumes for tonight. They wondered why there were no good ones left. Well lets see.....maybe if they did not wait till a couple of hours before Halloween night there would be a better variety? So I had to battle that nightmare and get what I needed. I bought an odd variety of things...every thing from milk and soymilk, green tea, laughing cow cheese and triscuits, ketchup, oj, cereal, cornstarch, soy sauce, the movie Sixteen Candles (Russell's going to think I'm nuts) and more. Well Walmart sells everything right? Then why can't I find any navy blue button front woman's shirts to wear to work? I hate t-shirts. Oh yeah I'm too tired to cook tonight so I got a couple of the 12 inch pizzas from the Deli (not frozen) that you just throw in the oven and cook.

So my shopping is done. The first thing I do when I get home is TAKE OFF THE SHOES. And the bra. haha.Now I feel so very free. Yipppeeee! When Russell gets home maybe I'll make him watch Sixteen Candles. ;)

The other night he took me out for Chinese food. I think I complained one too many times about him not being Romantic. So...this is his idea of Romance. We went to this buffet place. This is what he told me before we went in. He said his sister and Dad always go there and they take it home cause you get more. They give you this styrofoam container that you can fill up as much as you want. He said stuff it really full and it will be enough for 2 meals. That way, instead of being $8 a meal, it will only be $4. Ahhh....don't you just love romance? We did end up having enough to eat twice but next time I'm going to get more egg rolls. The food was pretty good and we will probably go again. I told him if we go 3 times a week that's less than $50 and enough for most of the week. What do you think? Good idea? ;)

It's hot again! One the way home from work I noticed that the temperature was in the 80's. Just a few days ago we had to put the heat on and now it's back to the AC. It was 85 in the house when I got home and I had to put it on just to cool the house off for a bit.

My thighs are killing me. A few days ago I helped him lift shingles for a roofing job he was doing. Then yesterday our landlord gave me a cleaning job to do. I cleaned an apartment that the tenants had moved out of. It only took me a little over 2 hours so I got almost $20 an hour. Not too bad. So OK Russell did help when he got home but I help him when he has jobs to do as well.

Oh by the way, my arm is not going to drop off from the spider bite. It's pretty much gone now and only a small bump. Anyhow if it does fall off Russell said he'd make me a new one out of wood. See what kind of weird guy I'm with? The thing is...he makes me laugh. All the time. And what is better than laughter? Bye for now.


  1. A styrofoam container of Chinese food AND a guaranteed wooden arm replacement? That's true love there!!

  2. The play-by-play of your evening made me homesick. Dropping by Walmart (or Target) on the way home from work to pick up very odd assortments of needed things. Chinese take-out - let me qualify - GOOD Chinese takeout. Good deli pizza. oh my! Hope you had a lovely Halloween :-) Thanks for popping by my blog.

  3. I should try to get some extra work through my landlord. Lot of people coming and going to our complex. ...nice blog.