Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

As I've said before I just love the autumn. I don't know yet if the leaves will turn colors like in this picture because we've only lived here since the springtime. In NM which seems to have the same seasons as Oklahoma they don't really turn too many colors. Are the leaves changing where you live?
Every morning (4 days on, 2 days off) Russell has to report to work at 7 am. If there is nothing to do he gets to come home but is still on call. So I texted him and told him I'd make him breakfast....blueberry pancakes and sausage if he did not have a job to do. Well, he came home and I was about half way done with the cooking and he got called back into work. We both knew that this would happen eventually and he'd have to leave in the middle of cooking. So I saved his food and will heat it up later if he wants it or heat it up for him tomorrow for breakfast. These are not my pictures that I took myself by the way....I'm having trouble putting pictures on this computer....I think it's all part of our Internet problems and we are stuck with this Internet until March. I can go on Russell's laptop to put them on but I have to first take the card out of my camera and then put them on email on his laptop and then send them to myself. It's too much of a pain to do this frequently.
Here's a tip for y'all.
This greased lightening is one of the best cleaners I've ever used! I spray it on the stove after cooking and let it set a bit and then just wipe. It cleans up any grease so easily. Also we've used it on Russell's greasy, oily clothes and it takes the spots right on. He sprays it on then gives a little scrub with a scrubbing brush and then wash as usual. If the stuff is really bad then he soaks it first. I've used it on old stains on my clothes (I'm a messy cook) and they came out too.

For those of you who asked what I'm going to go to school for, it's going to be in the medical field. I'm either going to take some type of classes to be a home health aid, or one where I can work in a nursing home or medical billing or transcription. I'm leaning towards the last two because it's something I can do at home. I need to go over to the school and ask them which field has the most job openings. I don't want to take classes and then find out there's not work in that area. I'm still going to stay at Walmart as well. I just want to make some more money so I can save some!
Y'all have a wonderful day.


  1. The leaves have always changed colour over here, and by the start of October there are leaves on the ground that have already fallen off. There are several trees that are evergreen around here, but I think majority of our trees loose their leaves by earlyto mid November. Judging by the number of leaves under foot when I'm out it seems this year is no exception to that rule.

    Excellent choice of classes... I hope you enjoy them and get a job at the end of them that will help you to save up a bit and get a bit of money built up for all those unforseen bills and such.

  2. That picture is beautiful...not many leaves turn here in Az either!
    Good luck with school,...those pancakes look yummy!

  3. The autumn scenery here in Oregon is breath taking. I love it, so many trees changing colors, all colors, it's beautiful. My son decided at 11 am that he was "feeling better" so he went to school. I think going back to school is a great idea. I would love to work with the elderly. They have such great stories and life experience to share. Have a nice evening:)