Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Did you know that some people actually think that meditation is evil? What can be so evil about relaxing an putting your mind elsewhere? Some people say they can't relax enough to meditate. Well I'm a person who is rather hyper....have a hard time sitting still and I can still do it. You just have to quiet your mind but....don't try to hard. I have used audio Cd's to meditate or relax and that can be helpful also. I have also used relaxation Cd's such as the sound of a beach with waves or the sound of rain.
I am at the point where I can meditate and take myself to a very far away place. I often see myself as a Native American woman and for some reason I always seem to go back to that lifetime. One time I had this experience where I was meditating and I found myself in this Indian campground. It was very early morning and I was walking around the camp and it really felt like I was there. It was still a bit dark and everyone was a sleep. I looked around and I saw a bowl that looked like it was a hollowed out rock and I knew when I looked at it that it was used for grinding up special herbs for healing. Without really giving it any thought I knew that it was used by a Shaman and he was teaching me to use herbs to heal. I had the feeling that woman were not supposed to learn the methods but he was teaching me anyhow.
At other times I find myself in this Native American experience gliding down a river in a canoe. I'm not alone, there is a man there with me. I'm leaning against his bare chest. We are peaceful and relaxed. I think this is as much a vision as it is meditation. I have no doubt in my life that I lived this lifetime. I have so many memories of it and other lifetimes as well.
In the past I had Reiki treatments. Reiki is energy healing. It was a very spiritual experience and I'd see visions during that time as well.
Once while I lived in NM I was listening to music. All of a sudden I found myself in this other place where the air was black and full of these glittery particles that were sort of suspended in the air. It's difficult to explain in a way that people can understand. You sorta have to live it to understand it.
If you want to try this just clear your mind. Don't have any expectations. Just relax and see where your mind leads you. You can even try a past life regression cd which to me is just a deeper form of meditation. You may be surprised at what you see. :)
That's it for now. Y'all have a blessed day.


  1. wow...that's cool about yoru native american transformation experience.
    I use prayer with my deditation & there's nothing evil about that!

  2. My beef stew was really good. I was actually surprised that it turned out so good. It's been so long since I made it. lol
    My Mama used to make it really good, but I have no idea how she did it, so I googled recipes and combined what I read there and came up with the way I do it. I really should write it down so my girls will know how to make it after I'm gone.

  3. I cant get my mind to stop thinking long enough to meditate. I'm told it just takes practice. thanks for the mattress tip. I'm going to look into that.

  4. The picture of your loverboy looks like he is a truck driver, my hubby drives truck.

  5. Indigo Incarnates

    I've met a few people who think meditation is evil. They were also all strict fundamentalist Christians who took the Bible 100% literally (despite the fact that even Jesus spoke in parables most of the time!)

    A good way of understanding these folk is to realize that anything that they don't immediately understand is "evil". Anything they fear is "evil". Anything different is "evil".

    I have a hard time meditating too. That's one of the problems with having a dissociative disorder: it's rare that my mind is ever quiet enough to get into the right frame of mind for meditation. But that doesn't stop me from trying. After all, with Wicca, intent is a big chunk of the practice!

  6. I think most of the people who think meditation is evil are those who ren't sure it will work so are unable to clear their minds enough to experience it properly. People always fear what they can't understand, and often refuse to understand the things others can do that they can not.

  7. Velvet Ginger....I use prayer as well. I think of it as a way of connecting on an inner level with the universal energy.

  8. Shirla, I learned to make beef stew from my grandma. I watched her making it once and it stuck in my head and I never forgot how she made it.

  9. mrs. ruiz,if you have trouble meditating you could maybe just try a relaxation cd. They have some wonderful ones at Walmart in the section where the candles are and they are only around $10.

  10. indigo, I totally agree with what you very true!

  11. Tori, I think people should not give into fear so much.