Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Wonderful Sunday

Today is a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze. We were finally able to turn off the air conditioner! Yay....we can save a bit of money on that now....until we have to start turning the gas heat on anyhow. I'm loving this weather and hope it stays this way for awhile.

Russell had to work last night so I cooked for myself on our new George Foreman Grill. I cooked some salmon with teriyaki sauce and it came out pretty good. It was wild alaska salmon but it would probably would have been better if I'd had fresh instead of frozen. But I don't think we can get that here unless maybe I join Sam's Club because I know they have it. They always had it in NM anyhow.

I've been seriously thinking about getting back into exercising. I've been very lazy in that area. I'm usually tired from my weird hours at work and it's hard to make a set schedule to do it. I just need some motivation. Anybody know where I can find some? ;)

I need to go through all my coupons and find that ones that are going to expire soon and use them. I've got a bunch of the $2 off bacon ones that makes the bacon only cost .50 and I need to use those and put it in the freezer. Russell loves bacon! I like it in BLT's and make those once in awhile.

I really need to count my blessings more and appreciate the family I have. I feel thankful that they are all relatively *normal* and not wacko like some people I know. When I look at the life I have it's really quite peaceful if I don't let things get to me. I have great kids and grandkids and a wonderful man at my side. I'm very lucky!

If you notice that some of my posts are gone it's because I unpublished the ones that referred to Russell's son. I originally wrote them to get off my chest something that had been escalating for a long time. I got some supportive comments and emails and I thank your for those. I feel that I accomplished what I wanted and I don't have anything else to say about it. If I said anything else on the subject, I'd just be repeating myself on what was already said and there's no point in that. It was all my truth as I see it. I often write about things that are bothering me and it seems to be very helpful. To me, that's what blogging is about.

For sent me a myspace message but I could not answer it on there. I put it on my myspace blog temporarily because I'm sure you want me to be able to reply to your letter.



  1. It sounds like you do have a good life:) Your blog reminded me to count my own blessings. Thank You for that:)

  2. Glad it's cooling off there, it's still getting up to the 90's here, it's coming I am sure.
    Glad you are finished with the former is good to vent...I really didn't realize the pwople you were venting about read your blog though...whew...
    you are doing great...keep it up!
    (i still need to try making your shrimp salad!)