Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Get Your Butt Out Of Bed Mister! ;)

We both overslept this morning. We'd been using our cell phones as alarm clocks because our regular alarm broke. We have this other clock but it's way too much of a pain to set and it's supposed to be one of those ones that sets itself and it somehow set itself an hour ahead because it changed at daylight savings time about a week earlier than it should have and it remained an hour ahead. I don't even know what's up with that. Russell figured out how to fix it to the right time, only this morning he forgot he fixed it. This was the fastest I ever saw him get ready for work. He got ready in about 10 minutes. We need to get a new alarm clock today! It does not help that Russell always stays up so late at night. I mean....who can get by on 4 or 5 hours sleep and then still get up in the morning??? I can't do it. When I tell him let's to go to bed, he always a minute and you know how that goes. I don't think he's going to be doing that anymore. I know for myself when I have to get up early....I just get up as soon as the alarm goes off and take a shower and then I get ready. Then I can relax and drink some coffee until it's time to go to work. He thinks I should get up and make sure he gets up but why should I get up if I have a late day? Why should I get up at 5 am if I don't have to go to work till 4 pm? I know that if he was off for the day and I had to go to work, he would not be getting up with me. If he'd just go to bed early a couple times a week he'd get more rest and would not be so exhausted in the morning. He's having trouble realized he's no young stud anymore ;) and he's 50 years old and needs to get more rest. I really love this man but sometimes he drives me crazy! And he'd say the same thing about me. ;)

Life has been just going to work and coming home. We don't really have the money to do much else. I did rent some movies the other day from one of those Red Box things and the movies are $1 a day. I rented Journey To The Center Of The Earth (The Brendan Fraiser one) and that was good and some movie called The Strangers and that one sucked...I thought it was horror but it wasn't really, and also PS. I love You. That movie was really good and actually had some good messages in it about life. I'll be happy when we get satellite TV so I can watch TLC and the History Channel. Those are my favorites. :)

I bought stuff to cook for Thanksgiving. Russell kept telling me we were going to eat over one of his cousins but he never gave me anything definite so I bought some stuff just in case. I got tired of waiting to hear anything so I started thawing the turkey. I am cooking simple stuff (well simpler than I'd cook if I were cooking for a crowd)

I am cooking:
Dressing (homemade)
Gravy (homemade)
Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes
Fresh Green Beans
Cranberry Sauce (not homemade, but I have done homemade in the past)
Pumpkin Pie (homemade)
Blueberry Pie (Mrs. Smiths)
Rolls (not sure about this yet, I bought yeast and might make some homemade ones if I feel like it)
I'm going to make the pies tonight since I don't get off work too late. And I'm going to make the dressing tonight as well. For the record I do like stove top but I like to make the homemade stuff for holidays. Even with this amount of stuff that I'm cooking we will have a lot of leftovers. I think leftovers is one of the best parts of thanksgiving don't you? We will probably go visit his family at some point during the day. I'm planning on getting up early enough to watch the Macy's parade. In the past I've always been cooking and never have time to actually sit down and enjoy it. Can you tell I'm planning on doing a lot of relaxing?

It's going to be crazy at work today. Yesterday was pretty busy but today I'm sure there will be a lot of last minute shoppers coming into the store buying all their Thanksgiving goodies. Yesterday I had a customer ask do you stand all the noise? She meant all the beeping of the registers as things were being scanned, the yakking customers, crying kids, messages on the loudspeaker etc. You know what? I block it all out and don't even hear it. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it. I even block out the Christmas music that has been playing since midnight on Halloween night. I'll just get through the day and do my job. By the way I decided not to do the bakery job. I found out it meant working every weekend. As it is now I get some weekend days off and I have my Sunday availability set up so that I don't work till after 2 pm. I just may want to check out the Unity Church sometime If I ever get motivated to do so. So working every weekend would mean I could not go to church if I wanted to. Also it would be much harder to get time off if I needed it. So for now I'm going to stay where I am.
Well this is getting extremely long so I'm going to say:
I hope y'all you have a wonderful holiday.


  1. Yikes on the alarm clock! I hate when that happens. What does Russell do at night when he stays up late, watch TV? I've gotten in the habit of recording old I Love Lucy reruns and I watch a few before I go to bed, one night I kept saying to myself, 'I'll just watch one more', next think I knew it was 3am!

  2. I hit send to fast. I meant to say, I hope you and Russell have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Those are my favorite channels too. Your dinner sounds yummy:) Have a nice day!

  4. Indigo Incarnates

    I do the cell-phone-as-alarm trick too. It's a good backup in case of a power failure. But I seem to wake up at the same time every mornning even on my days off. Go figure.

    I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving! :)

  5. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

  6. It's called "Nawlins Bean Soup" and I ordered it from Brenda's Etsy shop ( she is under my friends list) It was $5 for the bag of beans and spices, you just add rotel tomatoes and chicken, ham or sausage or all three. It was really good, im going to order some more:))

  7. I only have nieces:(( My sis has three girls and my brother just married last May, he is really into his career so maybe kids in the future. ian is the only boy and he is the oldest. You used grape jelly for your meatballs

  8. Sounds like Russell needs a Mommy! LOL

    Have a great Thanksgiving and don't let the holiday shoppers get you down!

  9. She wonders why it is hard for me to wake up in the morning. Well, she keeps me up late attacking me. She is a sex manic. Not to mention watching all them chick flick late at night. If she just let me get some rest.