Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Happy Birthday Dana!! Hope it was a good one. Here is her blog:

Today was an early day at work and I came home with my right shoulder is killing me. It's from the repetitive motion of lifting stuff over the belt and into the bags. I try not to think about it but it hurts most of the time. I'm trying to get into another department at work instead of being on the register. I hope they let me switch.

A customer at work was driving me nuts. What she wanted to do was price match oranges. For those of you who don't know what that is, she wanted to match the price to another store and she had to have the store ad with her. Another store had them for 10/$1. At Walmart they are .64 each which is pretty much the going rate around here. Since she wanted to do 40 of them I called for a CSM to make sure it was ok. They said it was. Ok so then she tells me she's going to go back and get 40 more. I call a CSM once again and they said I could do it. So I figure that was over with. But no...she comes back maybe 4 hours later (to my register again) with 3 more bags......60 more. I called a CSM who checked with management cause sometime things have a limit and they said to do it. The woman tells me she had to come back because there were still more left.! Did she ever think that it might be a good idea to leave some for other people? Did she really need to buy 140 oranges? I think it's good that she saved some money but boy what a pig! She'll probably resell them or something. work vent of the day is now over.

I checked the new schedule they put up at work and I'm off on Thanksgiving. But....and this is a big but....I have to work on Black Friday. 6 am to 2 pm. Doesn't that sound like fun! I'm so excited I can barely stand it. ;)

I made some oatmeal butterscotch cookies yesterday when I was off work. It was cool out so it was a good day for baking. I don't know why the picture is small. The recipe for oatmeal cookies is on my family recipe page under Barb's Links on the right. They always come out really good and are especially good warm out of the oven.


  1. I remember those days in retail, and because I remember I try to make things as easy as possible on people when they are ringing me up...sorry you had such a difficult customer.

    The cookies sound great and if I have the stuff I just might make some today...thanks for sharing.

  2. Indigo Incarnates

    Wow! I sure don't miss working retail at all!

    But butterscotch deserts of ANY kind are always awesome :)

  3. Sorry your shoulder is sore! Repetitive motion pain is the worst when you can't stop doing the motion!

    I'm not surprised that some people are so greedy. When there was a SARS outbreak in the Singapore vegetable distribution center, the government closed it down and destroyed all the produce. That morning at the grocery, I was "lucky" enough to score 5 potatoes and an onion. But there was a woman with an entire cart full of cabbages! And there wasn't any other produce left in the store. I'm surprised they let her take them all, but they did!

    Cookies look good. The picture is probably small to keep us from drooling on our computers and then blaming you!!

  4. You are to sweet. Thanks for the b-day banner and wish. I cant believe that lady bought 160 oranges, I didnt even know you can compare prices. I love walmart they have the best cupcakes. I have never been shopping on black friday but I think I will try it this year, atleast toys r us and ross. Thanks again Barbara for the birthday shout out:)))

  5. I just showed my daughter the banner and she wanted to know your name, age, where you live and can she come visit you:)) isn't that funny, she said she likes you