Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making Up For Lost Time

I feel a lot better today! I worked from 7 to 4 and then came home and I've been cleaning ever since. I've been cleaning for over 5 hours and believe me, this place needed it. Since this is a rather small house it tends to get cluttered a lot more easily than a larger house. There are only so many places to put things and if everything is not put away it looks real messy. It's a lot neater now and I've done a ton of laundry as well.....ok not a ton but 3 loads and I still have more to do. I don't mind doing laundry but I hate to put it away. But I'm being good and putting it all away as I do it.

Late last night I actually did go grocery shopping. (after procrastinating for about 5 hours) I had to go as I was out of lots of things. Now it's 9:30 pm and I'm procrastinating about going to get water. I have a bunch of water bottles to fill up at the Culligan machine. We have been out of water and have been drinking the horrible city water. Yuck! I need to get off my butt and just go do it. Do you think I'm trying to talk myself into it? Well I am. And yet....here I am still sitting here typing.
I'm going...really I am.
Then I'm going to come home and take a nice long bath.
Russell is working late tonight and I just have to be thankful that finally there's some work for him.
Ok....I'm going now.
In a minute.
Not one of Russell's minutes that last an hour either.
Ok good night. ;)


  1. So, glad you are feeling better...and cleaning house helps with that...don't know why, but it always does with me also.

    Ugh, it kills me to drink tap water anymore. Hope you finally made it out the door. :)

  2. My house is small too, after the floor was finished and I had to put everything back I threw out a lot of junk, saved some junk I needed to keep and gave some away. It looks so much better in the living room without all the clutter that I had in here.

    I don't like putting away clothes either.

  3. Oh I hit send to fast. I wanted to ask you, do you have a rolling chair at your computer and if so is the floor that it is on laminate if so do you have something under the wheels of your chair, like a rug or a pad thingie?

  4. I couldn't remember if it was the place your in now or the other one that had the laminate. Right now I have two throw rugs under my computer chair and every time I move the bunch up. This weekend I am going to look in OfficeMax and see what they have in there.

  5. Sounds like we both ahd busy days yesterday. Alot of women worked on houses yesterday, somthing must be in the stars.

  6. Yea, half the boxes in the closet are Justins old lig books, I dont know why we keep them but he insists. Thed other half are boxes I have been colecting for x-mas, to either wrao or send in. Once he puts the closet doors on, I wont have to look at the mess. When we lived upstairs we had a storage room on the balcony, but downstairs all the gerdening stuff and the lawn mower are in the shed so everything that was in my shed upstairs has to go in my closet:( Oh well we make the best out of what we have right?

  7. Glad you're feeling better and got so much done. :)

    Did you get the water? ;)

  8. Indigo Incarnates

    I'm glad you're feeling better too.

    Speaking of groceries... I wonder when the price of groceries wil come down now that fuel prices are retreating to some semblance of affordability?

    Oh... did anyone else notice that gas prices were really high for the whole Bush presidency and now that he's leaving office the prices are lower again?

  9. I hate vacuuming. And laundry. And washing dishes. And scrubbing toilets. And ... but I guess if it needs to be done ...

  10. drgngrl:
    Thanks! And I did make it out the door to get the water. :)
    I answered you on your blog.
    Mrs. Ruiz:
    making the best out of what we have...yup that's what I've always done too.
    Thank you.
    Indigo:very good point about the gas price thing. I never looked at it that way.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. I have an award for you, I know Shirla already gave it to you