Thursday, December 11, 2008

Changing Email & More

I can't get my email to work so I'm going back to one I had in the past.

Recent Stuff:
We watched 3 movies that we rented from Red Box. They all sucked. The first one was Hancock which had a really good trailer and Russell had been wanting to see it. Well good thing we rented it instead of buying. The story line was lacking, not much action and it was just plain old boring. The next one was Do or Die. It was one of those movies where part of the population had some sort of a plague that got them infected. They had to live in a place called the Blue Lands.People went around killing the infected ones like a sport and thought nothing of it I won't give up the ending but at least it had a decent one. The third one was Artefact. People were implanted with this weird looking artefact by the aliens. They messed with their minds to see how they reacted. Doubles of the people with implants came and killed their look alikes. Just a very weird movie and not worth watching.

Russell organized all my pictures I had on a computer and put them on a flash drive for me. My pictures were all over the place on the computer and I guess he got tired of it and did it himself.

We did errands today and got plastic to cover up the outsides of the windows that don't have any storm windows on them. Russell got the bedroom ones done and then he got called to go into work. We also got Chinese food today from the buffet and brought that home. Yummy. I'm stuffed now.

I made chili in the crock pot yesterday. I need to freeze the rest of it to eat another time. I'm not cooking tonight since we got the Chinese food this afternoon.

I slept late this morning because I had a really bad headache and did not want to get up. I finally got up at 9:30 am when Russell came home from work after putting in his 2 morning hours.

Oh yeah and as I mentioned yesterday we went to the lake and the pictures are in the post below.

Well that's about it. Those are all the exciting events of my kinda boring life. ;)


  1. The lake looks nice. You have no mopuntains in the background:((( I love greenery:) Do you get tornados is that why you guys are covering the windows? I dont think your life is boring:)

  2. Doesn't sound very boring to me. Sounds like you've had plenty going on!

  3. I wanted to see Hancock also, too bad it was not as good as the previews indicated.

    Sounds like you had a great day.

  4. Those pictures are wonderful! That lake is beautiful!

  5. I have never had a honey baked ham, i just bought a 5 pound ham for $40:( Justins choice not mine. I would have rather bought our usual costco spiral ham for $23 and twice the size. i just called the GS office and the trip is on they will only cancel if we get more than 6 inches of snow. The weather man is now calling for 12 degrees on Monday:))) I think we are going to get snow tomorrow:)) I will be taking pics I have my camera in my purse so I dont forget it:))

  6. indigo incarnates

    Mom made an awesome honey-baked ham a few years ago. Anmd it had pineapples stuck to it with tooth picks. Kewl!

  7. My son Matt bought the movie Hancock, he loves it. I haven't sat down and watched it all. I've only watched a little bit of it and what I saw seemed pretty good. Mu husband has watched it all the way through and he liked it.

    I'm feeling better, just not 100% yet. My coughing at night keeps me up most nights, hopefully that wont last much longer. Thanks for asking.

  8. That one movie reminds me of 28 Days Later...with the infected people vs. the uninfected. 28 Days Later will keep you on the edge of your seat!

    I've had an ongoing headache . . . it's rough... Maybe I should be getting more sleep.

    I love your photos!