Friday, December 5, 2008

Dark Souls

I bet you're thinking right now.....uh's another weird post by Barb. Well anyhow...

Some people are just dark. The medical profession may call them people without a conscience. Just look at the news at any time. It seems to me that there are more and more people like this incarnating on this Earth at this time. I'm not just talking about people that make mistakes and do stupid things. I'm talking about people that are evil. People are torturing or killing their children and committing other horrendous acts. There have been quite a few instances where I have met a person (maybe at work or someplace else) and I just get this instant horrible feeling that this person is a dark soul. It's kind of hard to explain but I'm thinking many of you have met people like this as well. It's not just adults either who I've had this feeling about. A few years back while I was at work in SC I saw this little kid sitting in the front part of a shopping cart. The girl looked at me with the evilest look and I knew she was one of those dark souls. You wouldn't think that you could just look at someone so young and get this feeling but yes it is possible. I consider myself a very intuitive person. I can also sense that a person has deep sadness or has no hope.

Anyhow I wonder how a person becomes this way. They (the medical profession again) say that it may be caused by detachment disorder. That's when a baby does not bond with anyone as a newborn. I'm not quite sold on that one. There are children who have been adopted as a child after spending time in several foster homes or a children's home. Who do these children bond to? Most of them turn out just fine.

Sylvia Browne calls these people dark or gray entities. She says that unlike the rest of us they do not have Angels and spirit guides and instead of going back to the Other Side when they die, they just reincarnate to live life again as a dark entity until they are ready to do otherwise. Something I remember Sylvia saying (I went to one of her live lectures) was that how do you know if you yourself are a dark entity? Simple....if you were you would not even be asking yourself that question because those people don't care if they are or not and have no concern of it.

Can we do anything to make this Earth a better place when there are so many people like this? Yes...we can let our inner light shine even brighter, Live in Love and not hatred and just be the best person that we know how to be.
Peace and Blessings.


  1. It's a scary world we live in no doubt about that. Avery is plaing the part of an angel and she will be singing.

  2. So I decided to try this whole blogger thing again. But I'm gonna take it more seriously this time around haha.

  3. Great post... Couldn't have put it better myself!

    And, yes, I've had that feeling about people from time to time. Thankfully it doesn't happen that often. It seems I've so far been lucky enough not to meet many of these kinds of people.

    And I don't buy the not bonding thing either.

  4. P.s.
    How do I know if I get a comment? This thing is weird. THANKS FOR LEAVING ME ONE, BARB. Hint hint.

    Will it notify in email or whaaa?