Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday/ Just Another Day

The doors are all cut out and I'm painting them. They are very simple with just a routed edge. Russell got called into work as he was doing all the edges but he finished them up before he went in. So if he does not have to work too long he may get them hung up tonight. I'm just ready for this mess to be out of here.
One important warning: Don't let your man try to use a router in the creates a dust storm of sawdust that ends up everywhere!

Someone asked if we would be reimbursed for the stuff we have to buy.... like the generator. No, but that and anything like the router and other tools will be used for our business we are starting. It will be home repairs, painting, cleaning and lawns. This will all be happening in the next couple of years. This is all stuff we've already been doing for awhile now. :)

My friend Tori (see her blog on the sidebar) wrote a pretty interesting article about the recession. I think it's a good time to start preparing for that. I can't plant a garden but I am going to look into doing some container gardening. I've started stocking up on food items and I'm thinking about some creative ideas on where to put extra stuff. I've even came up with a budget so I can have extra money after I pay my bills so I can buy extra stuff. Shopping at Aldi and buying sale items makes it easier to do.
What are you doing to prevent this recession from having such an impact on your life? I'd love to hear ideas.
Peace to you all.


  1. I'm trying really hard to hang on to my crummy job. They've laid off 47 people in the last 60 days, bringing us to about 120 people still onboard.

    I'm trying to offer help in any task and trying to absorb as many tasks as I can from the open positions.

    If I get laid off, I'm not sure what I'll do. I really don't spend much money as it is...not sure where I could cut back. No expensive hobbies. No new clothes really. Not eating out much lately - will probably discontinue eating out altogether.

    I don't remember where I heard this, but somebody was saying that they knew of a person who became like a caretaker - I guess of some foreclosed places - like to keep squatters and so on away, and to make sure nothing catches fire or floods or whatever. THAT might be a good gig.

  2. Greetings from cold Mn, Well I have not read a lot on the recession since returning from vacation in the wee hrs this morning but I will certainly read into the blog that you refer to in this post,

    I am an avid gardener and I plan to grow more this yr, the place where I work, those that can not raise a garden buy some of the produce, which perhaps would be an idea for you in your area...just today and unfortunately Ive not read our local paper yet but saw the headlines in reference to people that have no space for a garden through the city can rent a 12 ft by 12ft area and raise their products,

    Would this be something you could do? Just a random thought, no reply needed but an excellent topic!

  3. Hi there! Well, I try to keep the pantry fairly well stocked. Try to live frugally and stay healthy. I already have way too many clothes so trying not to add to the pile. Always look for bargains.

    I am still cleaning up the dust from all the wallpaper stripping and sanding. It's going to take me a while, I fear! So--understand what you are going through!

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend. It's going to be cold. D

  4. Hope you've got the doors atatched now and the mess cleaned up.

    Personally I try to keep my hubby away from tools... I'm safer with them than him! ;)

    I didn't have any luck when 'I tried growing things in pots... I even tried herbs and such that were already started... My thumb is far from green!

  5. I am counting pennies and praying that my school scholarship does not end. I have done a few little things to extend what I have - namely, I have started drinking my coffee black and have switched from 8 O'Clock back to Maxwell House because it is cheaper. I am making lots of soups from left over veggies, and I continue to bake my own bread. I no longer buy clothes unless they come from Goodwill.


  6. indigo incarnates

    I got a pay cut this year because of the recession/depression. But I'm trying to be smarter with financial matters, such as eating out less and driving more efficiently.