Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Kitchen

I have fond memories of the small white kitchen in my grandparents house. The two rocking chairs side by side facing the small tv.... The natural wood trim that was all built by my grandpa when he built the house from an old barn..... The open shelves and cabinets stocked with food such as my grandmas homemade raspberry jam. When I was little we made round white cookies that had a top piece with a hole in the center and they had a layer of that homemade jam that peeked through the hole. I remember watching my grandma making beef stew and it stuck in my mind years later because I made it the same way. I can still picture today my Grandpa standing in front of the stove cooking french toast or pancakes. So many yummy meals came out of that kitchen. The fresh veggies that were grown in the garden were so much better than store bought. The tantalizing pot roast and mashed potatoes were one of my favorites. I can see my Grandma standing there in her apron stirring batter in a bowl.
I hang onto these memories from the past because they are the best part of my childhood. They were what made life bearable. They were an escape from reality. In this other life, I felt LOVE.
Peace to y'all.


  1. Afternoon, Barbara: I am propped up in bed with the flu today. This is my third of feeling crappy. Managed to eat some stew and now back in bed. Can't do much besides "blog" and watch TV. I work in a school in OKC and probably got this from the kids.

    I enjoyed this post. Reminds me so much of being at my Granny's house in southwestern Oklahoma-back in the day. Boy, could she cook back then. I especially miss her Thanksgiving dinners.

    Well, don't lose touch. I think we have a lot in common even though I am older than you! Good to talk to you! D

  2. I think grandparent memories are the best!!

  3. I have very fond memories of my grandmother from Greece. The smells that used to come out of her kitchen were unbelievable. I wish I could cook as well as she did,


  4. It is wonderful that you have those type of memories...they are the best...

  5. What a fantastic thing to be able to look back on!

    You can buy "cookies" like that over here... They're called "Jammy Dodgers"... I bet home made was better though. Home made food is always better!

  6. Thank you for sharing those precious memories of your Grandparents, mine have made me the Gramma I am today.
    Great post hon!

  7. Those cupcakes have the mini chips in them too, I wll try the dusting of powderd sugar it sounds good:)))))

  8. Indigo Incarnates

    You have such a wonderful way of sharing. You are a blessing. :)