Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Evening

I've been tired because of my wacky schedule. I need something more stable as far as hours go but now is not the time to quit any type of a job and look for something else. At least they have not given me anymore of those back to back shifts in the new schedule they posted on the board.

It's been freezing the past couple of days. On Saturday they had me on one of the end registers by the door and it was busy so the door was pretty much staying open and it was very windy and it was blowing right in my direction. I felt like I was working outside! Even the customers were complaining. Luckily I'm usually at the smoke shop register and it's right in the middle. By Thursday it's supposed to get up to 85 degrees.

I did some of the cleaning at the house next door today. I worked until 3:30 at my job and then came home and relaxed for an hour or so and then I went over there to find out there was no gas so I could not turn on the heater. So I did all the vacuuming (had to run an extension cord from this house) and cleaned a lot of dirt that was on the walls and cabinets. There was no water and Russell was not here to turn it on at the outside water thingy so I just used a spray bottle of that Lysol 4 in one cleaner. That stuff is awesome and smells so good, I use it now on all the houses we clean. I still have to do the bathroom and the kitchen sink/counters but I'll do it tomorrow when it's supposed to be warmer out.

I've been thinking about the things we do to save money and I'm trying to think of more. To save on the heating bill we close the bedroom doors in the daytime so we don't have to heat them. We don't open our bedroom until nighttime before we go to bed. The other bedroom is an office/ storage room and we don't open that door unless it's going to be used which is rare. We turn the heat down to low if neither of us is going to be home. We did not even start using the heater until we absolutely had to. Same with the air conditioner. We did not buy one until we could not stand the heat anymore.
Neither of us use much gas. We don't drive all over the place wasting gas and we don't work far from our jobs. I only use about $40 worth of gas a month. Even when I went to Moore to shop I didn't use that much gas because I get good mileage.
We use those money saving light bulbs. I don't know if it makes much of a difference but Russell insists on having them. :)
Sometimes we don't eat leftovers and they get thrown out. That's because I have not learned to cook less food after years of cooking for a crowd. If I don't put leftovers in the freezer or we don't eat them the next night they go to waste. That is something I can work on. I think I have been getting better lately.
Sometimes we are so busy we end up eating take out food. If I had some convenience type foods here that are healthy we would be less likely to eat out.
I need to shop sales more and get the lowest price possible. We need to get our freezer out of storage. Hear that Russell???Hint....Hint.

I found out today that my kids 2nd cousin died while shoveling snow and had a heart attack. What a shock. He's the cousin of my kid's Dad so I guess that would make him second cousin. He was not that much older than I am...maybe only about 3 or 4 years. So...take it easy if you have to shovel snow and are not used to such physical exercise. There are many deaths every year due to this. :(

One more thing. I heard we are going to get a bonus at work. It's kinda like a quarterly profit share type thing. I was not there long enough to get it when the last bonus came out but I think I have been now. I heard that it's going to be something like $295 but that's before taxes. I will probably get a bit less since it's based on 40 hours and I work a little less than that. If I do get it guess what? I'll be stocking up more.

Well that's it for tonight. I'm going to watch TV and work on my blanket.
Y'all have a wonderful evening.


  1. Glad that your day went reasonably well for you. Wow - $40 on gas! I know that I spend more than that in a week to gas my car, but that is mostly because of the commute to school. Take care - hope your weather warms for you!


  2. Sorry to hear about your kids second cousin. :(

    Just a thought, but if you're used to cooking large meals and want something easy to grab sometimes, why don't you cook up enough to feed four people and then put the extra two meals back in the freezer once they're cold? Then - when you come home late and don't want to be fussing with cooking - you can just grab them out, defrost them and heat them up (or, if you know you'll be home late, take them out and leave them to defrost while you're at work). It'll save wasting the extra food, and will be cheaper than paying for take aways. There's also the option of just cooking for two days like we often do. Cook for four, eat a portion each today, and eat the rest tomorrow. Like I said, just a thought.

  3. Or you could invite some folks over to help you eat :)

    Being a single guy - cooking is pain - I like to cook but for about 4 or 6 people - I'm not going to even try (its way too messy) to cook a lot of things just for me.

    I hope you get the warm register at work for the rest of this week!

  4. I love crochted ( is this spelled right?) blankets. I really need to buy myself some yarn and a hook so the ladies at church can teach me. I like to stock up on groceries too and like you I need to learn to look for sales and use coupons

  5. Just popping in to say hi! Warmer weather is on the way!!

  6. Hey Barb not sure if a feel so bad about the cold draft coming in at your work ,it`s been a majorly cold winter here in Toronto.Snow is gone but the brutal!!! I`m off to Florida again in April for two weeks just to thaw out lol.Jenn and I are even taking our first no kids trip in June back to Florida wich we both or at least "I" am looking forward to !Give me a shout back girl.

  7. Wow! From very cold and then up to 85 degrees in a short time. That is spring for you. Good luck with your bonus!!!!