Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our New House

On Monday Russell went to visit his parents and they said let's go get a coke. Then they took him to this house that his Dad bought at an auction for a really low price and said to Russell do you want it? Since he is buying it through his Dad who paid cash for it, there are no closing costs at all. It was bought at such a low price that the mortgage is lower than Russell's car payment which he just paid off with his tax return. This house is worth way more than what it was bought for. So one day we are renting and thinking we had a year to go before we could buy a house and the next day we both have keys to this place. are some pictures.

Front Porch
Living Room view from the kitchen
Living Room view from near the front door
Gas fireplace
Interesting light fixture in the family room
View from one side of the family room
View from the other side of the family room
Laundry room that is going to be Russell's office
Guest Bedroom with funky carpet

Our bedroom with more funky carpet
Kitchen that needs work
Very Pink BathroomInteresting Light fixture in the bathroom
Pink Tub
Closet that's going to be converted into a laundry area
Russell taking out the old dishwasher getting the spot ready for the new one his Dad brought over
So that's our house. We now have tons of closet space and much bigger rooms. It has a good size backyard and we are going to be moved in there just in time to start a small garden. The yard needs to be cleaned up and I already did some cleaning at the house and it was barely dirty at all. We found some neat things up in the attic. Much of it we threw away but we did find a huge pressure canner that will come in handy eventually. We also found a wedding veil and garter. It was kinda fun, like a treasure hunt.


  1. Congrats on getting your own house. I wish someone would do something like that for me.

    Now you get the fun of decorating it how you want it.

    Oh yeah, and all the packing and unpacking. I don't envy you that part. ;)

  2. indigo incarnates

    wow! it's like 5 times bigger than my house! I'm so happy for you :)

  3. Im so happy for you guys. What a blessing. The house is beautiful, I love all of it. have fun decorating and making her your home:)

  4. That is a really cute house with loads of potential. I hope you guys will be happy there. Many congrats!


  5. OMG!!! BARB!!! This is fantastic!! Your own house!! Now you can devote all that creative energy to it instead of a rental.

    I'm so happy for you and Russell!!

    Your neglectful friend Lisa

  6. Oh how nice!!

    Thats marvelous news!

  7. Congrats on your new house! :)