Monday, May 25, 2009

Garden Update

I can't believe how much the plants have grown in just over a week. I was right in thinking that the soil is really good because it has a lot of leaves mixed in and there are a lot of earthworms in it so I think that's good too. Most of the plants have doubled in size already. They all look great but the cucumbers just look ok. Maybe they just had a little transplant shock. We were weeding the other day and Russell accidentally pulled up one of the smaller tomato plants thinking it was a weed! So we just stuck it back in and it's fine now. I have a basil plant where there were two plants in the pot right next to each other. One of them died and I think it's because they were too close together. Now the basil plant is doing fine. This garden is pretty much an experiment. I have not had a garden in years. Russell and I did plant one in SC one year but the soil was red clay and the only thing that grew good was tomatoes. Here are a couple of pictures.

This is either zuchinni or yellow crookneck squash. I did not look at the tag when I took the picture and they look so similiar.
This is one of the two watermelon plants. It is sugar baby which are those small melons. It has more than doubled in size.
Today I'm hoping to get the compost pile started. I have to move some tree branches to do it. Russell did a lot of tree trimming yesterday. He got an electric pole saw because last time he paid $100 for a guy to trim one big branch from a tree on our property that was hanging over the neighbors roof. Now he can do it himself. I hope he don't kill himself trying to do it. Yesterday he was cutting a branch and it started to fall on him and he had to jump off the ladder when he was about 4 feet up. We are going to try to make a trip to the dump on Wednesday when we are both off and get rid of the two big piles of tree branches that are in the backyard.
Well I think that's about it for now.
Blessings and Peace to y'all. :)


  1. Love the garden pictures!! Such an expectant time of year!

  2. what a green day for you...i never seen a watermelon plant before.. looks great

  3. Oh wow they have grown in a week! Isn't it fun to watch this process? I love gardening!Thanks for shareing

  4. Indigo Incarnates

    I'm glad you have such a green thumb. Our little townhouse iss too small for a real garden. But when we use live plants in our rituals, I always donate them to Cedar Light Grove so they will have a good home :)

  5. Glad your plants are growing really well. :)