Friday, July 17, 2009


My crazy man was up on the roof last night putting shingles on. He came home from work around 7 and he watched a movie and when he was done he decided to go work on the roof. By this time it was 9 pm. Why he couldn't work on it first, I don't know. I guess he has his own way of doing things. ;) It was funny to see him up there with one of those flashlight things on his head like miners wear so that he could see in the dark! So a little while after he finished we went shopping and while we were back, it was pouring. The roof did not leak. This leak was in the front of the house in the living room and although it's not really visible when you just look at the ceiling, on two occasions it poured right onto Russell's recliner. Do you know how men are about their recliners? He's that way for sure. haha. So far, we have had two leaks he's had to fix and you can see why we need a new roof.

I've been upset with the people at my work. I put in for a vacation quite some time ago and nobody finalized it for me. I kept trying to get people to do it to no avail. On Thursday I asked one of the store co-managers about it and now it's all fixed. I'm talking a week off at the end of July. My son is coming for a couple of weeks and I don't want to be working the whole time. I'm just glad that's all taken care of.

On Wednesday I made Russell a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. That's the kind he wanted. I also surprised him and cooked one of he favorite meals, sweet and sour chicken. Luckily I was only scheduled until 2 pm that day so I had a chance to get everything done before he even got home from work.

So, that's about it for now. I hope y'all have a good Friday and weekend as well.


  1. Barb, have a good vacation to you too.. I hope you will enjoy with your Son..Hey, how did you made sweet and sour chicken? I wish I will get a recipe from you..Raj, would love it. Hopefully, you guys finished your roof..
    Have a good weekend to you too hun.

  2. Hurray for Russell keeping his chair dry - I guess it was cooler later in the evening?

    And Hurray for you getting some time off to enjoy your son's visit.

    Happy Friday - and have a nice weekend!

  3. Mmmm. That cake sounds great. Sure wish I had a piece. Been pigging out on chocolate chip cookies. Guess what! Tomorrow is our 23rd wedding anniversary! How about that! Hubby has the fav chair, too. Yep, it's a man thing. Good Friday to you, too! D

  4. Angel: The recipe is under Barb's Links which is on the left side of my blog. It's under Family recipes. It's just called Sweet and Sour Chicken.

  5. Intense Guy: It finally did cool of down into the 80's. Yeah, he was happy too that he fixed the leak and his chair did not get wet again! Gotta keep that throne looking good after all.

  6. Donetta, that cake was quite tasty. We've still got half of it left since it tastes very rich with all that chocolate. I'm sure it will all get eaten though.

  7. He maybe needed to just rest a while after work--get his second wind? Or maybe he was watching the movie in his favorite chair thinking he could be dripped upon--hehe! :)

    I'm so glad you got your vacation time so you can spend extra time with your son--nice!

  8. At least you have someone who can fix it for you. It's got to work out cheaper having Russel do it than having to pay for someone else to come out and do it.

    Glad Russel enjoyed his dinner and cake.