Friday, July 24, 2009

Some pictures from the parks here

A western themed park

Lots of neat things to play on
Alex says why are you making me do this?
This is way too easy
Scaling the highest mountain
I really don't want a haircut. Don't make me get one!
Anyone for roast duck? The duck is in the outdoor barbeque grill
Momma and baby ducks
Taking off for a swim

Watching the ducks
Now the swans
A really funny thing happened at the park. I wish I had not run out of memory on my phone because I would have filmed it. This squirrel was playing with Alex. It would run towards him and go up on his hind legs and then he would chase it a bit. Then it would chase him and he would pretend he was running. This went on for awhile. Then it went up a tree and kept peeking at him around the branches. I have never seen such a thing and didn't even know that squirrels could be so tame. I did try to put a video on here that I made with all the ducks and birds but it said it could not read the format. I don't understand that. Oh well.
Hope y'all have a good weekend.


  1. Hi there! It looks like you are enjoying yourself and Alex is too.

    I love that shot of the ducks in the BBQ pit. :)

    The cell phone format is probably a compressed "quick time" variation like .3GP I don't know which formats blogger can understand but sometimes you have to convert the format to one it does work with. I have to do that with mine. The conversion program wasn't free for my phone's format. Life is complicated huh? :)

  2. Is Alex your son? I love the western park

  3. Looks like a fun day and the ducks cracked me up! I've seen some extremely tame squirrels at a campground in northern Minnesota. Too tame! They'd run right up your leg up onto your chest to try to beg/steal anything you were eating! Scared the s**t out of us at first--hehe! And I have fed them by hand in several different places over the years. I love squirrels! :) Hope you are enjoying every minute of your vacation!

  4. Sounds like a fun trip to the park. :)

  5. The poem is under the picture. It says, " SHIT IT'S HOT". I guess it was funnier when my sis sent it to me. I will email it to you

  6. Indigo Incarnates

    That's a cool park :)

    The huge corn maze in Central PA is opening next Sunday. Doug and I go several times in late summer and early autumn. We always have a good time. The maze this year is also a Old West theme. Kewl!

  7. Intense Guy: Yeah the duck in the barbeque pit is kinda funny isn't it?
    Thanks for the info on the cell phone stuff. I'm rather technology challenged when it comes to that stuff. :)

  8. Dana: Yes, he's my son. He's 13 years old. He's living in NM right now as the 4 years before that he lived with me. Gotta share ya know. :)

  9. Rita: I think I'd be a little bit nervous if those squirrels came right up to me and tried to eat food out of my hands.

  10. Tori: Those were two different parks and they are pretty neat.

  11. Indigo: That corn maze sounds pretty neat. I've never been to one of those.