Friday, July 10, 2009

Why do you blog?

I sometimes ask myself that question. I like to write as it's a way to express my feelings and emotions. But there are times when I censor myself. I come up with something I'd like to write about and then I remind myself that so and so will read my blog. When I say so and so I'm not talking about any of those that actually have their own blogs who I comment on and they comment on mine. I'm talking about people from Russell's past. I get a snide comment every once in awhile from a certain person and I really wonder what interest they have in reading my blog. If they don't like what I have to say, then why do they read it? Is that person just nosy? Or do they not have anything better to do than see what's going on in our lives? Well I know in part that they love drama. They are not happy unless they are living in drama and trying to cause it in other people's lives. If there is nothing going in, they will create it. So anyhow, I've decided I'm going to write whatever I feel like writing at the time with no thought given to what those certain people think.

I have met some wonderful people by blogging and I love reading about their lives and hearing their thoughts about things. It's a great way to meet people without all the game playing that goes on in other areas of the online world like MySpace. That gives me an idea for another post to write. But for now I have to get back to doing stuff around here. I've accomplished quite a bit today. :)
Peace to y'all.


  1. I blog for a lot of reasons but they all sort of come back to the same thing - the social aspect of it - to "meet" people you wouldn't get to meet in the day-to-day outside the front door world - and a lot of those people are very interesting, talented, and/or funny.

    I just try to give back a little of taht in the (hopefully) interesting and funny entries in my blog that I can - it is in a way, a "thank you" note for sharing your thoughts and world with me.

    You have a lot of talent and other qualities I admire - I've read your poems, pictures of your garden, and seen your handicrafts, and of your frugal ways. I laugh at the pink toilet "monument" you have in your house - and I get to "live" the up and down life of a WalMart cashier with the old lady with the van next door - right from where I am sitting.

    If you lived near me - I'm sure I would love having you for a neighbor - but I doubt I'd ever know you lived on the same block.

  2. Have a great weekend! Looking forward to your next post,


  3. I think most of us censor what we write (at least a little). I know I do. Some things people really don't need to know, and other things I'm not sure if I want to share. That's why I sometimes find it difficult to find something to write about... Because I don't want to write about the things that come to mind.

    I agree with you though... If people don't like what you write about then they shouldn't read your blog.

  4. Indigo Incarnates

    I mostly blog because it's sort of a handy communication tool. I'm happy that people occasionally find my words interesting enough to comment on.

  5. I know where you are coming from...I actually have a different blog somewhere else that I post some more personal things on...but I do try to put as much here as possible, but I have family that read this and there are certain things better left unsaid with them here.

    It is good to see you wanting to be true to you and let it all out..and I agree some people just cannot live without the drama...


  6. I agree with Intense Guy--it is such fun to "meet" different people online, see and hear about what they are creating, growing, thinking, and experiencing. I love to see pictures and be able to have a little glimpse into their lives.

    But--I do tend to edit what I write in my blog. Not because I am so afriad of what other people might read (people always interpret things their own way and often don't "get" me anyways--hehe!)--but because I try to edit out my negatives. Just because of who I am--I try (and I emphasize TRY) to be and send out positives--including in my blog. Doesn't always work, tho--hehe! That probably sounds airy-fairy or head-in-the-clouds to most people--but it's true--ROFL!! :):)

    And I don't think you are really negative about anybody from what I have read of your blog. If you have ever run across what I call "rant" blogs--you'd know what I mean. I read more humor in your comments. :):) Don't change!

  7. Intense Guy: I'd be lucky to have a neighbor like you!

  8. Tori: That's the same reason I sometimes have trouble coming up with things to write about. I used to blog a lot more, almost every day when I first started.

  9. Indigo: I've read many interesting things on your blog and I'm in awe of how you post about things biked 42 miles. That is just amazing to me.

  10. Drgngirl: An additional more private blog sounds like a good idea.

  11. Rita: I totally agree with your comment. :)

  12. Good for you! I say write what you want, and if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to read it:) LOL I agree, some people just like drama and love to cause trouble. They eventually will get bored and move to more "greener pastures" in their book. I love reading your blog!

    BTW---I blog because I love to write!