Sunday, August 16, 2009

Crazy Psycho Killer

With a look of vengeance and a weapon in my hand I stalk the intruders that have come into my house. They think they can evade me but there's not a chance. They try to hide, but I always find them. I have no fear just determination to catch them and put them out of their misery. Who do they think they are.....coming in uninvited? Freeloaders....that's who they are. I will hunt them down and not stop until I get them all! They always go for the light. I sneak up on them and then swat! I hit them as hard as I can with that fly swatter! haha.....VICTORY!

On a serious note, we keep getting flies in the house. We never had them like this in the rental house except very rarely. We were discussing this last night. Russell though that since we have a couple of restaurants very close to us, they were attracted to the smell of the food. But today as I was looking up the hole in the ceiling where you enter the attic.....I had a revelation. I can look up and see daylight. Why didn't occur to me before that they are coming in when the roofers have boards off and then Russell leaves the trap door to the attic open? Problem solved. I killed two of them suckers today and now that door is closed. If any more come in I'll go back into psycho killer mode and stalk them until the end! Did I ever say how much I hate flies?

Can Y'all tell I was in a bad mood yesterday? Things are looking brighter today but maybe it's because I'm work for today and tomorrow. Maybe I need to meditate or something and just remind myself that the job I hate will come to an end and I'll be in a place I want to be.

I'm going to do some stuff around here today and put a roast in the crockpot and make a yummy meal. Russell is home right now and he's doing some more bracing up in the attic. The roofers told him there was a big wasp nest in one of our bushes and they told him to fill up a pitcher with water and dish soap and dump it on the nest. They said they will fall out dead. I've never heard of that. Russell dumped it from up on the roof. Hopefully it worked.

Hope your day is a blessed one.


  1. The only good fly is a dead un.


  2. We used to have a fruit fly problem.
    They were getting really obnoxious.

  3. Flies can be soooo annoying--especially en mass!! I hope you don't have the problem now that you can keep that attic door shut.

    Never heard of soap and water for wasps? I know that is a good way to get rid of bugs on plants. I hope it worked? Much less chemical way to get rid of them. :)

  4. Oh man I hear you on those flies, I hate them and got a few here too...they always sneak in when someone opens the door and I just cringe!

    I know what you mean about being in a job you dread, certainly doenst make life fun, is short, sometimes we need to sit quiet and contemplate whee we want to be and then just do it....and I know thats not an easy task but certainly a do-able one!

  5. We have crazy flies too. Thats one of the two insects I will kill. The other is a cockroach. Thank God we dont have that problem

  6. We've had a few too many fly visitors for my liking too. I try to just ignore them, but sometimes it gets to the point where they just can't be ignored. Like one the other day... I swear it was following me. Stopped when I started attempting to swat it though. Not sure if I got it, but it went away. ;)

    I hate all insects!

  7. So were they male flies or female flies?? Male flies are found on the beer cans, females on the phone!!

    Sorry, couldn't resist. I'll try harder next time!

  8. Indigo Incarnates

    The scourge of six legs for our house is the ant. Or, to be more specific, a colony of ants. I don't know where they come from, or why. But come the do. The horror! The horror!!!