Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Sunday!

We had some pretty bad storms a couple of nights ago. There was lightening and really high winds of at least 60 mph from about 10:00 at night until 2:00 in the morning. I was worried that something was going to happen to the roof after all that work and I did not know if the guy Russell has homeowners insurance had insured it yet. The house was insured but I though the roof was not because it was previously in bad shape. But luckily nothing happened here except for a lot of tree branches getting knocked down. There was even a good size one on the front porch that looked like it came from a tree next door. Our power flickered off a couple of times but came back on. I found out later there were some people who lost power and did not even get it on until about a day and a half later and there was a lot of damage around the city and from what I read in the newspaper lots of flooding. We are sort of on a hill so we did not have to worry about that.

Work has been extremely busy. Yesterday I worked later in the day and had one of those moments where somebody was actually nice. I had just got in and was on my register with a really big line. A guy who works in automotive came to my line and he was someone who always used to come to the smoke shop register when I worked in that area. He asked me if I wanted him to buy me a cup of water. He probably felt sorry cause it was so hectic. Sometimes such a little thing can just make your day brighter. I wish more people were nice like this. Anyhow I was glad I did not have to work too many hours yesterday and I'm off today.

The garden is pretty much done with. We did not really get much out of it. I think the problem is that it needed mulch to keep the water in instead of it all evaporating. Next season I'll get a couple bales of hay or straw. That's what I used when we gardened in NM and it was very hot there as well and everything grew really good. I also want to try the square foot gardening next year and get started earlier in the season and start some things from seeds. I know one thing....we used a lot of water on a garden that did not produce much. I don't want to see that happening again. On a good note.....the electric bill here was way lower than I thought it would be. I thought it would be higher since my son was here and we were using an extra AC but it actually went down. It was never over $100 and I think that's pretty good for this size of a house. I'm sure there are things we can do to get it down lower and we'll work on that.

I'm still not done with my second blanket I've been making. I pick it up every now and then and work on it but I should work on it more. I want to start making some doll clothes for the granddaughters. I need to get started on that. I think I might make some to keep here as well for when I do my in home childcare. They are really easy to make and don't take long. I've got tons of patterns and it's fun to make that stuff. I do need to make a trip out of town to pick up some more yarn.

We've watched a few movies but none that I was really impressed by. I was wanting to see that 17 again movie but it was not all that great. The teenage girls probably liked it though. I bought a couple of movies to add to my collection....some older ones. I got the two Hannibal movies in one set. The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Gory stuff.....I wonder why I even like those movies but I do.....well I know why and that's because Anthony Hopkins is in them and he's one of the best actors ever! I also got American Graffiti and while the first movie in the set is good the second one.... called More American Graffiti- sucks.

Well that's all for now. Hope y'all have a blessed Sunday. :)


  1. Wow! Sounds like you were lucky with the storm. I hope you get that roof covered by insurance really soon. :)

    That was really sweet of that young man to offer to bring you water! Restores your faith in humanity when things like that happen and people are just plain genuinely kind for no reason. :):):)

    The hay or straw bales sounds like a good plan. Really does sound like you need something to retain the moisture. Sorry to hear the garden didn't produce much for you this year. :( But glad to hear the electric bill wasn't sky high. :) It has been so much cooler this spring, summer, and fall up here that I haven't even had to run the AC much at all. Really does help with the bill, but seems so strange. Almost feels like October already up here??

    Your blankets and doll clothes sound like fun crafting projects. You know how I love projects--hehe! :)

    Anthony Hopkins! I think I would watch anything with him in it--even when the movies aren't as good. Remember the weird bear movie in the woods? Yes--loved Silence of The Lambs! I think I'll pass on 17 Again. Thanks. :)

  2. Glad there wasn't any serious damage around your place after the storm, and hope those people who were in the places where there was flooding and such didn't get hurt or anything.

    Doll clothes are really easy to make. I made a rag doll and a set of clothes for her as my project for the toy maker badge when I was at school. Don't know where she is now (I think I might have given her to a charity shop) or I'd take a photo. But there's patterns for a full set of clothes for a doll in one of the books of braille knitting patterns I got, and - if push comes to shove - there's also the option of making baby clothes for a doll to wear.

    Glad someone made your day at work easier to deal with. :)

  3. Ah, The Silence of the Lambs is awesome (even if gory). Jodie Foster and Antony had this connection that just sizzles.

    And most sequels really don't cut it do they? :)

    I'm glad the roof is ok. I suspect it would be covered by your home owners insurance regardless - but I guess it wouldn't hurt to check.

    P.s., I'm glad someone showed you mercy at the "Big House". :)

  4. I love thunderstorms. When the power goes out you can light up candles and just hang around playing cards with your family. =]

  5. I have a new all time favorite movie: The Wrestler. That movie really really got me. Heart, big time.

    You ever see Meet Joe Black?

    I hope those storms leave you alone. I hope these hurricanes leave everybody alone!