Monday, August 24, 2009

Thoughts for today

I don't feel like I live in a *haunted* house as someone commented in my last post. I've seen, heard and felt things for awhile now, probably about 7 or 8 years. I probably would have noticed it earlier than that if I'd been paying attention. When I lived in New Mexico which I feel is a very spiritual place there were a lot of things going on but it was mostly linked to my youngest daughter who can *see* things with much more clarity than I ever could. Strange happenings was pretty much a daily occurrence in that house. A few interesting things happened when I worked at an assisted living home there. One that really stands out was probably something I may have previously mentioned on my blog quite some time ago or maybe not. Anyhow, one night I was going to sleep on the sofa there. I stayed there from about 6 at night until 6 in the morning. I'd put the residents to bed and it was just me and them. I got up to take one of the men to use the restroom. As I was doing that one of the other men called to me saying he had to use it too so I told him I'd take him as soon as I was done with what I was doing. When I got to him he was sleeping so I went to lay back down to go to sleep. I was half asleep when I was startled by an unearthly voice saying in my ear....Go Now! I knew exactly what it meant and got up quickly (and fell and got all twisted up in the blankets in the process) and went to check on the other man and sure enough he was calling me to go use the restroom. It was a very strange experience to hear that voice right in my ear. There had been a couple who both lived there who were married for many years. One night when I was not there the woman passed away after being ill. The owner of the place was in the kitchen at the time and all of the sudden she felt someone fling themself at her and give her a big hug. She rushed into the room and sure enough, the woman had passed away. So she was saying goodbye. :) Not long after I was passing by the room this woman had occupied and caught a quick glimpse of her in there but she looked as she did in a picture on the wall. She was young looking and wearing a plaid skirt. To me she was saying look at me, I'm well again and young. One night there it was my first time dealing with death at that place when one of the men was dying. I asked to be surrounded by angels. At the time I was playing a CD that one of my friends who worked there had left. At the time I asked, a song came on and it was Calling All Angels. It came on at that exact moment. I'd never heard this CD before. Coincidence? I think not. I KNOW not. I felt the Angels as well and they were everywhere. Anybody can call them.....just close your eyes and ask. You may not see them but they are there.
A bit earlier just as I was thinking about writing this post, I heard a noise in the kitchen. It sounded like a cabinet door being closed and then rattling a bit before closing. I went in there and looked and looked in the other rooms but saw nothing. I could chalk it up to an older house settling but I know better. Sometimes we just need a reminder to remember we are never alone even when we feel alone.
Peace to y'all.


  1. This reminds me of a letter I received from my grandmother telling me about an angel my grandfather claimed to have seen. I'll have to search for that letter and maybe post it. I've been a tab burned out this summer--all job related of course.

  2. That's really really cool.

  3. Going by what I've read about you and your story - I would think you were one of those angels you speak about while you worked at the assisted living home.

    I'm sure the "old folks" loved seeing you come by.

  4. What a cool gift! I'm not sure I could handle such a gift, but I think it's cool anyway!

  5. Good Morning! Oh I love stories like this and it is such an inspiration...I have worked in geriatrics for close to 25 years now..and I wish I had the talent to create and write a book based off of the stories they share...things the health care industry witness when it is time for them to cross over...... I love it.... and I am glad I have been able to work so close with it....

    Thanks again for sharing...

  6. hey what a wonderful thought.. love the way you described it.. i always love the haunted stuff... love the scary part..

    Take care

  7. Calling All Angels gives me goose bumps! I seldom have visuals (except in half-sleep state), but I can have those feelings or a sense of when they come--I get a tingling that comes down from the crown of my head down my body. I call it getting zapped--ROFL! I've sometimes heard words clearly inside my head--not really in my ear--but just like you described. And have suddenly have just known things I would have had no possible way of knowing myself. I feel the informaiton is "given" to me. I totally believe we don't even know the half of it--hehe! And my ignorance doesn't bother me in the least.

    There are a lot more people who have had experiences of all kinds than most people think. I've always been pretty vocal about GA (my guardian angel) so people have felt free to admit things to me that they "have never told anybody", you know? Isn't life magical!

  8. As I've said before... They're there, but most people don't see them, because they don't want to.