Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Night And I Am Bored

so I'm stealing this meme from Tori's blog. http://ziglernews.blogspot.com

1. I don’t really think I can manage _______________ today.

I don't think I can manage to cook anything today. It's after 11 pm and Russell is still working so no cooking from me tonight and I worked over 8 hours today.

2. What did you have for breakfast this morning?


3. Share some recent good news.

That's easy. The fact that we are getting a new roof is good news to me. :)

4. What was the last movie you saw? What did you think of it?

Right now I'm watching a movie called Fools Rush In. I like it or I would not be watching it. It's a chick flick.

5. If you had to, could you do commentary for a sporting event?
Only if it was baseball.

6. What makes you feel better when you're sick?

Some tea with honey, some soup, maybe some gingerale and lots of rest.

7. What do you listen to in the car?

The Kiss station which is a mixture of stuff.

8. What were the last five foods you ate?

A turkey and swiss sandwich, baked chips, some peanut butter crackers.....that's all I ate. I might eat something soon.

9. Who was your first prom date?

Never went to the prom. I did go to ROTC dances which was fun.

10. What was your first grade teacher's name?

Miss Looney. No kidding.

11. How many weddings have you been in?

none at all. :(

12. Who is on your "List"?

Can I do a hot guy list? Ok then it would be Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner, Hugh Jackman and Nicholas Cage.

13. I love you more than _____________.

Chicken Gizzards. (people actually eat that here!)

14. Oranges or grapefruit?

Grapefruit sprinkled with a little sugar. Yummy.

15. What is the earliest memory you have of your first day of school?

I remember the teacher, Miss Looney passing out the school supplies and thinking how neat it was that I got my own pencils an eraser and crayons. Times were simpler then.

16. Would you ever choose money over love?

I had money. Now I have love. Why can't I have both?

17. Four people who e-mail me regularly:

That's a bit personal so I'll skip this one.

18. What were your favorite books as a child?

Dick and Jane books were fun. Does that give away my age? As I was a bit older I think I read....A Tree Grows In Brooklyn about a hundred times.

19. Never in my life:

Have I: eaten rocky mountain oysters. And I never will!

20. Ever been given an engagement ring?

Just once. I lost it. It was cheap anyhow. My wedding ring disappeared. Hmmmm...just like my marriage.


  1. I with you on not eating chicken gizzards and rocky mountain oysters. :)

    I'd probably enjoy listening to you announce a baseball game - there doesn't seem to be any? woman announcers in the pros.

  2. Miss looney. She sounds fun. =]

  3. Miss Looney! Can you imagine what school must have been like for her? And yet she became a teacher--interesting.

    I really liked your hot guy list! And I remember Dick and Jane!!

    If you were married--then you were in one wedding, right? Do your own weddings count? :):)

  4. Intense Guy: You mean I can't offer you a nice deep fried plate of rocky mountain oysters? I bet a lot of people actually think they are oysters.

  5. Jessica: I actually don't remember much about that teacher. It was so long ago. I do remember her looking very sophisticated to my 1st grade eyes. :)

  6. Rita: I never thought of that and what school must have been like for her. Good point.

  7. Well, football is my sport and so, so happy the season is finally upon us!!

    And I too have never been in someone's wedding...hmm..