Tuesday, September 29, 2009

People without a conscience

There are actually people like that. They don't feel any remorse over the things they do. The experts don't know why they are like that, if it's hereditary or environment or a combination of those two things or something else entirely. The reason I got thinking about this is because someone stole a mini bike out of the backyard. I wonder if they feel any guilt over it? I wonder if they can sleep at night? It's not so much that they stole it but it's the fact that it was right up against the house and it feels like a violation that they opened the back gate and came in our yard and just helped themselves. Now we have to lock everything down. Sad really that this world has to be that way. I feel bad that Russell had something stolen once again because over the years he's had many things stolen from him, even by his own family. Now that's really a tragedy when you can't trust your own family. Sometimes I wonder what this world is coming to. :(

I got all my cooking done and filled up the freezer over the fridge. It took so long that I think from now on I'm just going to cook bigger batches of food and freeze part of it. That way there will always be something in there to heat up for times that we are out late or working late. I cut the end of my thumb while cooking all this stuff. It bled like crazy and I had to wear gloves for the rest of my cooking session. Anyhow I tried to cook everything in a healthy way using olive oil when I had to saute anything and I even rinsed all of the fat off of the ground beef (after cooking it) that I used for the lasagna and the chili. I like to have real homemade food instead of junk stuff. I'm sure Russell appreciates it also because in the past he had to eat what his kids cooked because nobody else would and he was working all the time.

OK so the day after I cut myself, Russell gashed his head on a ladder on his work truck. He got a pretty bad cut and didn't go to the ER or anything. Isn't he stubborn?

I found out that I can take classes online to do my home childcare. I can take 20 hours for $20. I think that's pretty good. I also have to take CPR and first aid. I found out there is a woman who will come to my house and teach me the classes here. I think I will like working from home so much more. Retail is very difficult for me because I get too much anxiety being around so many people. The fact that so many people are grumpy, angry and hateful does not help matters any. I will be so happy to not have to deal with that any more. :)

I will try to get all caught up on my blog reading tomorrow. I am way behind on that.

One more thing. Angels are wonderful healers. All you have to do is these three things. Ask. Believe and then Receive.


  1. I hope Russell's head gash isn't too bad.

    ...and good luck with the online classes! They sound like they ought to be fun!

    People everywhere... no respect for personal property or spaces. Sigh.

  2. Oh yes!! Ask, Believe and and Receive! So true......wish we leaned on those words more!!

    I wish you all the best in the new adventure of childcare, I did that many years a go when my girls were toddlers. Back when daycare was next to impossible and I deceided to join the team and I loved it!! You will do awesome...think of it this way, for the lives you touch you are taking care of the most precious things in the parents lives!

    CPR will not be that hard either!! Keep us posted and Best wishes in your new adventure!

  3. Yeah, it's really bad when you can't trust your own family, and when you have to keep things on your own property under lock and key just to keep them safe. So many people just don't seem to care about others any more. *Sigh*

    Hope your finger and Russel's head heal up quickly. *Hugs*

  4. OMGoodness! Bike stolen, thumb cut, head gashed--whew! I don't understand people who steal, either. It is creepy that they made the effort to sneak into your yard like that. Times have changed so much since I was a kid. I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis and people didn't used to lock their doors--to the house or car. Now you have to lock everything down--even up here in Fargo there has been a rash of robberies since the economy has been bad. Does make you sad to see how people can be. :(

    Glad you are cooking up meals ahead of time and that Russell appreaciates it, :):) Be careful with those knives, tho!!

    I usually don't think about angels and healing. I think I should. I usually think of them and guidance. Interesting....:):)

  5. Indigo Incarnates

    Some people are soulless and have no conscience. My father is one such person. I've never heard him apologize once for any harm he inflicted on others.

    Less directly, I deal with people every day in my job (as a Pretrial Release Case Agent) that have no sense of right/wrong and no ingrained ability to feel remorse. It's really depressing when one thinks of it too long.

    I am sorry that someone stole your mini bike. :(

  6. I had many things stole from me from family and friends, even til this day none of them can't be trusted. They just follow their ego, and their puppet maters(influncing spirits).

    I encounter egotistic and wicked people daily, it's sady there are som many. I rarely encounter very spiritual people. Where are they hidding. ;)