Monday, October 26, 2009

Cleaning Day

I've done lots of cleaning and the house smells good, like lavender and incense. The lavender is from the lysol I use to wash floors and I'm always burning Nag Champa incense. That's the best kind and the only kind I like the smell of. It has to be the real stuff imported from India....none of those fake imitations. I'm on a break right now from cleaning then I'm off to do more.

This is the cake that Russell brought home for me on Saturday. Yes, it does say Happy Birthday Woman. He's always calling me that in a joking way and I like to tease him that he calls all his women that so he does not get the names mixed up. He didn't have to have it put on the birthday cake though. What a weirdo!
My computer is running lots faster and I've got my printer/scanner/ copier hooked up. Now all I have to do is get the new monitor. I may just get another one of those memory sticks (is that what they are called?) so I will have double what i have now. Then it will be super fast.

I'm no longer on a register at work. I'm in the bakery. I'll have to see how it works out. I do have to say, I sure do like getting out of work at 1 pm. The women in there are super nice also. No more dealing with the certain b****y CSM any more. No more working nights. No more wacky hours.

It's kinda chilly here....about 58 degrees outside right now. I feel a big draft from the AC in the living room cause my computer is right near it. Russell needs to cover it over. The heat is probably going right out the window. :(

Well I'm going to get back to cleaning now. Hope y'all have a good day.


  1. awe I love the cake! How thoughtful for him huh! :) Happy Birthday!! Hope the day was a special one for you.

    I know I need to get done with some good deep cleaning, Been a horrible last week and this week isnt looking much more productive but perhaps some!!

    Any how.....Ohhhhh Congrats on the new dept. at work......LEss stress perhaps?? :)


  2. So, glad to hear about the bakery job...sounds good for you...

    Hey can you send that cleaning bug through the line please?

  3. Well, let me be the next to say, Happy Birthday, Woman!! Men can be so weird!! But it is rather sweet.

    So, what are you doing over in bakery?? Making cakes?? Enjoying the samples??

    Oh, and feel free to bring over your Lysol and incense and clean my house. You know you want to!

  4. LOL! Oh dear... Russell, Russell, Russell... What a thing to put on a cake!


    I'm glad your computer is happier now that it has more memory!

  5. Hope you had a good birthday! :)

    Glad you're enjoying working in the bakery.

  6. Wow you use incense sticks imported from India!!
    Its always good to have them in room.The smell is so soothing and makes you relax your mind.

    Happy Cleaning!!

  7. I Love the cake, how sweet!! thast cool that yu are in the bakery right now. I dont worry about my son and his girlfriend being here alone. She has her own place and he is normally there more than here. They respect my house. It wasnt as clean as I left it but Avery was alive and thats what really counts:)) have fun cleaning!!

  8. Cleaning always feels so good when you get done. :)

    Happy Birthday!! Funny cake.

    Sounds like the new job is working out--much better spot than before. Nice! Happy for you! :)

  9. Indigo Incarnates

    Kewl cake! I think a bakery job would be much more interesting than running a register. I'm happy for you!

  10. Happy Late Birthday Barb! That's a beautiful cake! Congrads on the new position at work, I am glad you are happier there. I love having my house all clean & smelling pretty too, not a feeling like it!
    I am interested in smelling those insense because I don't like any of them...and if you feel the same way, I may like those ones from India! Have a good weekend!