Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's New?

I hope everyone is doing well. We are just trying to keep warm, it's pretty cold here. Russell found out that the gas stove in the back room was originally a wood stove and instead of keeping it as a gas one I hope we can convert it back. I'd love to burn wood in there. I love the smell of it. As I mentioned quite awhile back I tried to light the gas once in there and the flames shot out at me.

We had a pretty good Thankgiving. We ended up going to Russell's parents house and his sister and her husband was there, as well as their daughter who is going to have a baby in January. It was a nice peaceful day.

Russell sprained his ankle at work a few days back. He did go to the hospital which is unusual for him..... to make sure it was not broken. Since it was a work injury, they paid for it. He has not worked in a few days and hopefully they will wait awhile before they call him back in. He can't get his work boots on with the brace he is wearing for support.

Work for me has been way too rushed. I feel like I can never get everything done the way it should be done because they keep giving me more and more to do. I feel like I have to rush through everything and do a half a$$ job instead of doing it right. Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist. The last three days I was at work I felt sick probably due to stress to the point where I had to go home 2 hours early yesterday. I don't need that added stress in my life. If I just had the extra help I need I wouldn't have these problems.

Christmas seems to have gotten too out of control. I don't feel the need to celebrate this holiday of greed any more. I look around me at all the madness and the people who spend months preparing for this one day or some who even prepare for it the entire year. Why not spread some of this throughout the year?

I have two interesting stories I heard at work. One woman who works there told about how she went out to her car and noticed that the door was unlocked even though she'd locked it. Then she noticed that there was all kind of trash in her car. She thought someone had a party in her car. The way she told it, you had to laugh. Then she got one of the security guys at work to call the police. The police came and she went in the car and started looking through the papers for her insurance stuff but it could not be found. It was then, that she realized it was not her car. This one was parked right next to hers! She told the police who were understanding. Boy was she embarrased!

Another woman at work told me about how a homeless guy once came to her house looking for food. She made him breakfast and told him to wait there and she quickly went back in to get him some coffee. When she got back out after a very short time, we was nowhere in sight. He could not have disappeared that quickly. Later she talked to a neighbor that told her the same man came to her door and she told him to get lost. What we both think was that this was an Angel in human form. This happens quite often.

Well, that's it for now. I hope y'all are enjoying your week! Blessings.


  1. I hope Russell's ankle heels quickly.

    Its a shame you dont have help at work - it sounded like the perfect job otherwise.

    And I'll bag Christmas with ya... :)

  2. I hope that Russell is better soon! Good luck at work - I now that retail can be extremely stressful during the holidays,


  3. Hope Russel's ankle heals quickly, and that you get the help you need at work. It's a shame you aren't getting that help, because it sounded like you were enjoying the job until the workload got too much.

  4. The car story is hilarious!!! I hope your work gets you some help! I saw on tv a guy say, " If you dont like the weather in Oklahoma wait a minute and it will change" after hearing that I told my husband thats where I want to live:)

  5. Greetings from Mn land of the cold!! :)

    Hope Russell gets better soon, no fun to be down!

    Wouldn't life be great if we could earn a living and just have enough help and time to do things the way they should be!....

    I agree with you on Christmas, matter of fact I need to create a post as it gets closer to the season as it just riles my feathers to see it so commercialized,

    I love the story on the homeless man, The bible speaks about entertaining angel unawares!..

    I always keep this in mind when I am faced with certain decisions to make or happenings within my home that are out of the so called normal......but how wonderful it feels to help.

  6. I hope Russell's ankle heals quickly and he takes full advantage of this forced break. :) I know how much you have liked this new job. I wish they would get some additional help. I heard that retail places aren't hiring the extra holiday help like they usually do because they figure sales are going to be down. Maybe it will slow down after the holidays and be much more manageable? I hope it wasn't the flu?

    I'm still thinking about the angels in disguise story. And how embarrassed that lady must have been about the wrong car! (Sounds like something I might do!) :)

    Since I am away from family since I moved here ten years ago and spend the holidays alone--just me and Karma--and I am too poor to buy presents and have been for many years--I am completely out of the commercial end of Christmas. And I LOVE IT! People hear that I spend Thanksgiving and Christmas alone and think it sounds sad--but I have no stress, no rushing about, no drama, no gifts to buy...I just have the spirit, the caroles, the stories, the movies, the PEACE, and the love-love-love!! I've had people offer--many times--to include me in their holidays and I always decline. I only know Dagan and Leah up here and I don't travel well anymore, anyways. A couple of years ago D&L and I were planning on going down to Mpls for Christmas (my family is down there)--but we had a blizzard. So we spent it together up here on Christmas Eve and did a Sacred Circle--and then D&L spent Christmas Day alone at their place. They loved it! We planned on every three years we'd do this--so that I got included in the relative rotation. So--next year I'll see them on Christmas Eve. Just the three of us--perfect.

    There has always been a very commercial side to Christmas since I was a child in the 50s. I guess it isn't what other people think or feel about the holiday season--it is what you feel about it, right? It is a spiritual, positive, giving, loving holy time for me. To heck with them, right?! hehehe! :):)