Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lost Power

We just lost power. I'm on Russell's laptop which is on a battery back up and that will just last a little while. We have gas heat and lots of candles. Russell is trying to figure out how to rig up the generator to run the fridge and freezer. Before we moved here there was an ice storm where they lost power for a week in this city. Hopefully it won't be that long. Well gotta get off here.
Have a good day.


  1. main thing is to remain warm and safe....such a strange year for weather....Im sooo ready for summer.

    BTW...I forgot to say in previous post I love the photos from your new vivid and clear!!

  2. Hope you aren't without power for long

  3. From what I've heard on the news it sounds pretty bad out your way. I hope you got your power back pretty quickly - its way too cold to be without it long.

  4. Indigo Incarnates

    I am *SO* glad that you have gas heat as a backup. Y'know... I could have sworn that Honda invented some sort of residential power plant that runs off the user's gas line. You could be off the electrical grid entirely with one of those babies!

    Someday,I'd like to have solar for our house. We have a flat roof and our house is long and narrow. It would be ideal for solar panels. It's the whole $10,000 part that's sort of a non-starter for us! Aaiee!!

  5. I am keeping up with your comments on facebook. Be careful and keep warm!


  6. I was thinking of you when I was watching the weather channel. Those icicles look dangerous. I still want to move to Oklahoma.