Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have not been a very good blogger lately. I had a post written for New Years but decided maybe it accidentally got deleted for a reason. I had written about how it was a new decade and how things had been for me over the past 10 years. But you know what? There is really no point in that. The past is the past. There's no reason to dwell on it. Every single day, every minute for that matter is a chance to start over. What a wonderful opportunity!

I've been sick for the past week and the reason for that is that I was not taking care of myself and it was my body saying slow down and relax. First I drove 9 hours to TX to pick up my son Alex and grandson Joseph. Then I stayed up later than normal to spend time with them. Then even after I became sick, I worked my 9 hour day from 4 am to 1:00 pm, then drove back to TX to bring them back, then got a few hours sleep and went back to work the next day. Luckily I only had to work that one day before I had my two days off. The last day I worked was Monday and I could barely breathe when I went into the freezer. Then I went to Hastings which is about 36 miles away and went to get some books to read on my days off. Then I made homemade soup. Yesterday I did not do hardly anything but lounge around. I did go to the store to get some honey....the Mom and Pop store that is not far from here. I also decided to pick up some green tea while I was there. I was very surprised to see a very large selection of healing herbal teas at this small store. They have way more than Walmart. I got this stuff called Gypsy Cold Care. It's some great stuff and it's made from organic elder berries. I found a huge jar of local honey (it was recommended to put in the tea) there also. It's surprising what you can find at the smaller stores if you just look. Anyhow I'm feeling a lot better now. That tea seems to work way better than the Alka Seltzer cold medicine I was using. :)

While the boys were here we went to see Avatar. I sure did love that movie. If you have not seen it,I highly recommend it. It's got great graphics and the story was very good as well.

The cat that drove us nuts has gone home. At first the cat was not too bad because it hid under the bed. It got to the point where it was going on the stove when I had food on there. It went on there on Christmas day. It went on the kitchen counters. It jumped up on the fireplace mantle. It jumped on the window AC unit and tried to ruin my blinds. Finally it had to go into the back room because my son was coming and he's allergic to cats. He still had to take allergy pills twice a day until the cat was gone. It was such a relief to have it gone, for both of us. We have both had cats in the past but none were as bad as this one which pretty much whined nonstop. Can a cat whine? Yes it can believe me and it's worse than a whiny toddler.

It's been freezing here. Tomorrow....actually starting at midnight tonight it is supposed to get steadily colder and get down below 0 degrees. I think they are predicting -3. I have not had to tolerate weather this cold in over 18 years when I lived in MA. It's hard to deal with this cold. Sometimes I put the heat up too high and the house alarm goes off thinking there is a fire or something. Jeeze. I like having an alarm because I feel safe but that is rather annoying. I know if anybody ever did try to break in that the police would be here in a matter of minutes. And after we had that outside theft awhile back this is a good precaution to take.

Once again Russell's money grubbing ex-family is trying to get every cent they can off him. They do nothing but play games. It's really a shame that they live the way they do and put money above relationships. Some day they will learn that KARMA is the reaction to an action. Whatever you put out in life, is what you get back.

I'm cooking pot roast in the crock pot for Russell. I figure he's getting tired of eating the soup I made. He's been working non stop in the freezing cold. He wears tons of layers of clothes. I don't know how he can even move. I just hope he does not have to work tomorrow when it goes below zero degrees. He works lots of hours but since he's on salary at this time he does not get paid for the overtime. Once the economy picks up things should go back to normal and he will get paid hourly and not have to be on call 24/7 any more. I'm looking forward to when he can get his days off again. :)


  1. Hi Barbara - Stay warm and be careful today!


  2. No wonder you were tired. Thats a lot of work and driving around.

    I bet getting to be with the boys was a lot of fun and made it worthwhile. :) I've not seen Avatar yet - the preview looks pretty wild.

    I hope you shake that cold soon. And I'm with you - it will be sooooo nice when it warms up (even a little!) again.

  3. So glad to hear from you again--and that the cat is gone--hehe! Seems like it has been unseasonably cold all over the U.S. I feel badly for the people who have to work outdoors in this like Russell!! I'm sure he will really love that pot roast!
    I agree--some people just don't get it. So frustrating! I hope it warms up for you guys soon. Don't let the trukeys get you down. :)

  4. Happy new year to you! :)

    I'm glad the cat's gone home now. I know how much cats can whine sometimes.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. Wow, Barb. So much going on in your world. My health (knock on wood) has been doing well lately. Go to the rheumy for lupus bloodwork Tues and then in March to the GI doc for liver bloodwork. I think things will be okay.

    We've been shopping for a house, and it has me worn out. Hubby keeps saying things are overpriced. He's probably right. Doesn't matter. I'm getting weary of it all.

    Sorry to hear about you feeling unwell. Yep, you've been doing way too much! The tea and honey was a good idea. My son gave me a huge collection of teas for Christmas. I love tea!

    As usual, you have taught us a lesson. Let go of the past. I'm still trying to learn from you! Best, D

  6. I hope this finds you feeling better...I swear by Vit C and Echineachia in the winter. Hubby and I are going to see Avatar at the Imax on Monday, can't wait.