Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This and That

This is a picture of some of the stuff in the bakery that I make at work. I guess Russell wanted a sample of it and asked me to bring some home. Can we say fattening?????

Here is Russell caught in the act. Washing dishes. What a nice guy. I love when he does this and he does it quite often and I don't even have to ask him. He says to me, it's the least I can do since you do the cooking.

Things are a lot better now that the manager who was causing so much trouble has been told to back off and has been reprimanded. When people stick together as we all did, things can get done. She was basically told to leave us alone. It's been very peaceful at work and I hope it stays that way. What a difference. 


  1. Oh I missed that these were two posts. Sorry.

    Soooo glad to hear that things are better at work!!! United you stood, eh? Just so happy to hear that. :):)

  2. Ahh, thats great news!

    Both things being better at work and Russell getting dishpan hands for you.

    You make really scrumptious looking donuts!

  3. I'm glad Russel is so helpful at home. :)

    I'm also glad that things are better at work. :)