Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Three Way Trade.

Russell is very resourceful. He traded his boat (that he was trying to sell) to a man who had a box trailer. This man did not want a boat. But he found someone who had a motorcycle but wanted a boat. So Russell got the box trailer, the man with the trailer got the motorcycle and Russell got the box trailer. Makes perfect sense right? If you live in Russell's mind it does. ;) Anyhow this trailer which is 16 feet long is going to be like a workshop on wheels for Russell's side business. He does repairs of all sorts as a second job. He's really just getting this business started and now that he has this trailer which he will put a generator in, it will make it easier. His pickup truck was always such a mess because he had no room for anything. He's going to paint the trailer and fix the inside to meet his needs for his business. You should hear Russell talk about his new *toy*. He goes on and on about it and one and on.....while I just patiently listen. Love you honey!
Anyhow I think it is pretty neat how three guys got something they wanted, got rid of something they did not want and did not spend a cent. (well maybe they paid for the bills of sale but not much)
Hope you all are having a great day!


  1. Now there's a classic idea that all of us should follow!! I know we all have items we could do this with... Hope you have a great week

  2. How smart of them! And be glad he goes on and on--since so many men don't talk--ROFL!

    Really--does sound like a great idea and I hope he is very successful with it. :)