Monday, February 22, 2010

A Hippie?

At work today, I heard something funny. There is a young girl that works in the bakery and she said to my dept. manager.....Do you think Barb is a hippie? I thought it was so funny. She told me she went on and on about it. I did sorta live through the hippie era but was a little young. I remember bell bottoms and mini skirts and when I was in school everyone was wearing peace symbols on their necks.  I remember the patches all over the jeans and the frayed bottoms of the jeans. When I was in school they banned us from wearing those jeans in that condition. It's funny how some of this stuff came back into style. Bell bottoms came back a few years back as flared legs. The pants that are worn low on the waist (girls) have been back for quite some time. And the list goes on. 

I sometimes talk in the bakery to *S* about stuff like grinding our own wheat and how we want to make our own bread at home, natural foods, my not eating meat anymore, meditation and so on. But would that make me a hippie? I think not. That girls is much too young to even know what a hippie is. I prefer the term naturalist. At least that is what I'd like to be. 


  1. Oh--be a hippie! Be proud! Wear beads and braid your hair--ROFL! Those are some of the hippie principals you talk about--even if you are too young to have been one. I love it that she wonders if you are a hippie. I wonder what it means to her?? Maybe you should park yourself in the lotus position on break and meditate--ROFL! Funny! :):)

  2. I wouldn't worry about it. Unless you were there you can't really know what a hippy is exactly... I certainly don't.

    And I know someone who was called a hippy just because she made a daisy chain and wore it in her hair for a while that day.

  3. I think if you wear the jeans low and show your "hips" you might be hippie...

    :) I agree with SoulComfort... live it up!