Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Boy the week sure did fly by. The older you get the faster time seems to go.  Anyhow not much new going on here. Aside from a  problem at work....with the glazing machine not working and me having to glaze everything by hand it was a little more time consuming but not that bad since I did not have to clean that machine. So it all worked out. I'm off the next two days and hopefully it will be fixed by the time I get back. 
 We have been talking about that house in the country that we still want and wonder if we can ever make it a reality. We like this house that we are in but there are things that we don't like as well. It's way too close to the main road and it's noisy at times. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping because there's a guy that rides up and down the street on his motorcycle and other people who blast music really loud. There are also fire engines and police cars constantly going by with their sirens on. The main thing that I don't like about this place is that there is only one bathroom and it's way too small.
Russell wants to build a big shop so he can work on stuff and while it's doable here in this location, it's not really an ideal place to build it. Also we still want some animals, bigger gardens, and to have some wind and solar energy.  I just want some peace and quiet and a place with lots of trees and nature. I know this is all attainable but will take some hard work and lots of planning.Besides..... everything always works out just the way it is supposed to. :)


  1. Keep the dream living. I'm sure you will see it come to life someday.

  2. That sounds like a dream come true! Definitely something to work toward. Russell could have his own repair shop. Getting off the grid would be just amazing! I'd be soooo happy for you guys--and a bit jealous, too--hehe! :):)

  3. Keep the dream alive, and one day it will come true, I'm sure! :)