Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's still raining here.  The weeds in the backyard are growing strong and sturdy and seem to be making themselves right at home as if they plan on making a lengthy visit.  The grass was cut a few days ago but now the dandelions are about a foot above the grass after only a couple of days of rain. I was planning on pulling up all the weeds but then he cut the grass before I had a chance to. I don't have to plant a garden since my weeds look so  lovely! ;)
Russell was about to come home just a bit ago.....before dark even....but then when he got back to his work, they sent him out on another job. Ugghhhh. I was planning on cutting his hair...and hopefully not giving him a bald spot like I did a couple of times before.'s been a really long time since I've done that.  I've been doing really good cutting his hair. 

It's been pretty cold here! I had to put the heat back on yesterday. I figured that 62 degrees in the house was too cold.

Russell was talking to a friend of his last night (an elderly woman) and they had a  long conversation as they always do. Her house was broken into and it was done by her own family.It really saddens me that people just think that they can break and enter into someone's home, take what they want and trash the place and walk away with a clear conscious. This is a woman on a very limited income and she works hard for her money! She's at the age when she should be able to retire but she had her retirement money snatched out from under her by a black widow who got her hooks into her husband long enough to get him to divorce her and get what she wanted from him. Anyhow this same woman was involved in the break in. This elderly woman's husband has passed away so now she is alone and trying to make it on her own. Photo albums were stolen (among many other things, even the food in her fridge and cleanings supplies) so her memories are gone as well. Memories of a husband she dearly loved....a husband who made a horrific mistake and fell under the spell of a despicable woman. She knows who did it and so do the police and it will only be a matter of time before they are caught. You can only go so long in hiding....always looking over your shoulder and wondering when they will get you.
 I really hate to see the elderly taken advantage off but this....this is another one of those things that can't be explained. Maybe it's greed, or desperation....or just hatred. I don't know. What I do know however, is that nothing goes unpunished.

Well, that's it for tonight. Hope y'all have a good night. 


  1. I totally agree. What goes around comes around. The choices people make determine the direction of their path. You can't alter anyone else's path--just walk your own as positively as you can. I'm glad you two are there for her!! Try to shake off the evil. No one can steal your memories. Don't let them alter your choices or direction on your paths. The Universe will take care of them. :):)

  2. That's awful! I don't know how people can do some of the things they do. *Shaking head*

  3. That is just crazy. Why would anyone steal a photo album? I mean, its not at all right to steal money or food but at least its not "useless" to those that steal it. The senselessness of vandalism saddens me.

    But you know something? You might not think so, or realize it, but the fact that Russell spent some time talking to her - was probably treasured by that woman. I'm sure she could feel the sympathy and support coming from him (and you).