Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feeling Lighter

With the release of my last relationship I feel spiritually lighter. Things were not going in a good direction. I didn't realize it at the time but there was a darkness in that relationship. I don't even know why it hit me so hard to have it end because by the end of it, I felt no love. I still tried but it was pointless and that is how most of the relationship went.....it never works when only one person tries. Not to have to try....not to have to pretend anymore is very freeing. 
Getting rid of material possession makes me feel lighter ....because having so many unnecessary things is more of a burden. Why have things that I don't use or will never use? 
I am feeling lighter physically too. That is a good thing! At first I had no appetite....for a very long time and I lost some weight. But since I have been here I have been walking a lot. At first it was just to get the dog out and burn off some energy. Now I walk to feel good. Walking makes me feel great and I push myself to walk a little further each day. Every time I get on the scale and I see the numbers going down, it makes me feel very happy. 


  1. You're getting lighter on many levels. ;)
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  2. ...♥...
    lightness of spirit
    lightness of heart
    lightness of the physical body

  3. Great going, Barb. Keep it up, continue to feel good.

  4. ...have a beautiful day dear gentle friend! ~ blessed be!...

  5. I'm happy that you're happy! :)

  6. Thank you blogger friends for all the wonderful, supportive comments. It makes my day. :)

  7. Your internal light is shining again.