Saturday, March 31, 2012

What a great morning! I woke up early and just before 7 am I decided to get out of bed and throw some clothes on and go on my daily walk. I had been going in the afternoon but it's been too hot and I'm getting
too much of a tan. So....out there door I went. A little ways down the road I saw a little morning dove sitting
on the road by the curb. As I walked near it, it flew off but it was obviously injured because it could not fly very high at all. I hope the poor little bird can stay out of the way of the neighborhood cats.

Once I arrived at the park I noticed that it like a whole different place early in the morning. The mountains looked beautiful with the sun barely coming up and it was almost like there was this mist around them.  There were birds flying everywhere! I saw robins, doves, sparrows, crows and some other ones I did not recognize. The ones I love the most are the hawks with their giant wingspan as they glide in the sky above. There was a
robin in a tree and it in it's mouth was this long piece of paper that is was obviously going to use to build a nest.
Then I saw a very strange sight. There is a water fountain in the park for the kids to drink from. I saw a robin in it taking a bath! Either the robin figured out how to turn the water on or it has a motion sensor on it...but this little bird was happily splashing away and water was going everywhere! It made me laugh.

As I continued walking I saw a bright orange and yellow hot air balloon just above the small mountains that are about a mile away. I was hoping that the air current would carry it over the park so I could take some pictures. No such luck though. It went along the ridge for a few miles and then disappeared. As it turned out I could not take any pictures because my memory is full on my cell phone camera. Later, I saw 4 more hot air balloons. If you have never seen one up close, it is a beautiful sight to see.

The highlight of my walk was yet to come though. As I was walking along the side of the track that is across the street from an arroyo, I had to wonder if I was seeing things when I saw 5 cows down there. I walked across the street and saw that there were three cows and two calves. They had escaped again. This is not the first time they got out. Once, before I moved here Kayla told me she was sitting out front one night and a herd of them went walking past the house and down the road. A few weeks ago I saw cow patties in the park so it seems that they escape quite often. Anyhow.....I watched the cows for awhile and the came up to the road...and stood there for awhile. Then they walked down the sidewalk, crossed the road....all together and took another road so they were now out of my sight. It was very funny....especially considering this is a subdivision.

Wishing y'all a peaceful, happy day!


  1. What a great morning walk! Sounds like you should do a morning one from now on. When it gets hot everything settles down for siesta time in the afternoon. More going on in the morning. :)

  2. Excellent way to start the day! I love my morning walks, but it sounds like yours was even more enjoyable than mine usually are! :)